(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


SK paces around the mat room somewhat irritated that Sapphire hasn’t shown up for her scheduled rematch to break the streak. As SK explains the potential rewards of their next bout, Sapphire slogs in clutching her torso as she’s blatantly unprepared to throw down. As she attempts to reschedule the match, SK feigns compliance with a handshake that turns into a two-fingered jab to the belly button. She’s brought to the wall where extra pressure is applied to her weak point as she scowls in agony. SK gives her the chance to waive by submission, but her resistance only leads to a combined hand smother that slumps her against the wall. SK sheds her socks and joggers, prepping her for further penalty for the tardiness.

A belly claw to her fragile stomach forces shrieks and grimaces from the champ. Another two-fingered thrust makes her squirm for safety before being brought to her feet. She’s pressed against the wall for more taxing belly punches and claws. SK applies an abdominal stretch in the center with an added belly claw for good measure. The hold transitions to a backbreaker leaving her midsection ripe for targeting. Sapphire’s exposed midriff suffers from a double axe handle, jabs, and claws before a smothering combination leaves her supine and out cold.

SK rolls Sapphire to her stomach where her lower back endures a camel clutch. A pulling of the nose and fish hooks to mouth assist the excruciation before the hold is released. SK zeroes in on the abdominals again with another stretch paired with belly claws and two-fingered thrusts. As he lifts her for further thrashing Sapphire battles back with rights that seemingly have SK on the back foot, but a sudden belly shot shuts her down. SK scoops her up for a skull crushing tombstone piledriver that leaves her spread-eagle and softened on the mats for a pin attempt. Sapphire kicks before the fall is counted, but only opens herself up for more pummeling.

A chokehold pins Sapphire to the mats as SK uses a sharpie to draw a bullseye on her stomach. A range of strikes are laid into Sapphire’s stomach as she writhes in anguish. A belly claw and hand-over-mouth smother combination put her to sleep allowing SK to draw a more defined bullseye. Belly jabs and rakes rattle Sapphire awake and to the wall for additional midsection strikes. She’s tossed across the room before SK locks in a contorting dragon sleeper that leaves her stomach open for excess mauling. A Sting-esque reverse DDT slams her to the mats, but she can’t help but favor her poor tummy.

An exhausted Sapphire is raised to her feet where she eats a few gut-checking knees and a potential piledriver, but she fights back with a leg sweep. She manages to trap SK in a rear headscissor where she nearly gains the advantage, however SK’s knowledge of pressure points allows him to break free with crucial claws to her thighs. SK puts Sapphire in position for a piledriver before ruining another pair of her yoga shorts with a bullying wedgie. Her head is then driven into the mats for twitch-induced piledriver. SK goes for the single leg hook 10-count pin again coming up short, then whips out the big guns.

Sapphire finds herself in position for another high impact slam, but instead SK opts for more embarrassing wedgies. SK goes back to back, locking her arms and lifting her for another stretch of the core, then drops her for a back-crunching widow’s peak KO. Sapphire is lifted for even more strenuous wedgies as he attempts to exert a submission from her. Eventually the torment gets Sapphire to concede and SK puts her lights out with a pedigree. His third attempt at a pin succeeds as his matchbook pin hits a 10-count. To make sure the deed is done he delivers a few more shots to Sapphire’s belly, but her lifeless form only responds with slight jolts and jerks. As a parting gift, SK lays a few bills on her chest to pay for the ruined yoga bottoms.

Two-fingered belly thrust
Hand-over-mouth smother KO
Belly claws
Belly punching
Abdominal stretches w/ belly claws
Backbreaker w/ HOM smother KO
Camel clutch w/ nose pulling & fish hooks
Tombstone piledriver KO
Belly claw w/ HOM smother KO
Belly rake
Dragon sleeper w/ belly punching/claws
Reverse DDT
Rear headscissor
Thigh claw
Piledriver KO
Widow’s peak KO
Pedigree KO
Matchbook 10-count pin

Length: 21 min
Price: 18.99