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We fade in to Skye Blue donning a blue bikini and blue gloves, looking both fierce and sexy. You’re facing Skye as she eggs you on, taunting you about the boxing match at hand. Her taunting relents momentarily so she can land her first solid strike: a gut wrenching belly punch. You bend over and collect yourself, only to stand up to her telling you she thought you would be tougher. Skye asks you if you’re even going to be fighting back before landing a slew of face jabs, rocking you completely.

Throughout your entire boxing bout with Skye you are COMPLETELY destroyed. The Amazon beauty is endless with her boxing and verbal domination of you, humiliating you as she beats you down. You fall to the mats several times, where she ground and pounds you for good measure. Skye goes across the spectrum with her strikes, landing everything from hooks, to jabs, to belly punches….

When you cannot bring yourself to your feet after enduring her abuse for what seems like days, it’s clear the match is over. Skye leaves you on the ground and victory poses over you, seeming as if she’s not even broken a sweat.



Length: 10 min

Price: 6.99