(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


A flashback to the war between the brands sees SKW’s Anne Marie posing victoriously over Fem Wrestling Rooms’ Madison with a double foot smother as the match meets its conclusion. Anne’s celebration is cut short as SKW newcomer Sage Pillar cracks Anne’s skull with a frying pan, rocking her to a daze. A follow-up reverse headscissor puts Anne down for good before Sage revives Madison for a clean getaway.

Anne, looking to shed her jobber image, is back and ready to handle her previous adversaries two versus one and her demands are soon met as a sneak attack gives Madison and Sage an even stronger edge in this bout. Madison lands multiple gut shots to a restrained Anne before swapping places with Sage. Madison tightens a sleeperhold across Anne’s neck that quickly puts her softened adversary down. She then flexes her control with an over-the-shoulder carry as the duo deliver a few spankings to Anne’s rear.

A few face taps jolt Anne awake and Sage applies a sleeperhold of her own. Anne soon goes limp and a few limb checks confirm the KO. Sage and Madison then take a breather to send a message to the rest of the SKW talent that FWR will be the superior party before Anne’s torment continues. The pair bring Anne to her feet then drive her directly down again with a quaking dual stunner that flips her backwards into lifeless twitches. She’s woken up for more as Madison lifts her into a torture rack with some hairpulling. The girls pull off a nasty team maneuver as Madison hunches down for Sage to land a stunning running knee KO. The pair go for the finish as they deliver a synced belly splash, squashing Anne to the mat for a 10-count pin attempt, however their fun is soon interrupted as one of SKW’s most dominant stars enters to protect her team.

Sapphire breaks up the 10-count pin as she yanks the FWR girls up by the hair and sends them crashing into one another for an easy KO. Anne is woken up and in disbelief at the sight of Sapphire, becoming eager to get some payback. The SKW duo share a morale boosting moment before going to town on their foes. Belly stomps jar their opponents awake before a set of sleeperholds wear them down to derri “air” KO’d heaps. Next, Sapphire and Anne display their power with a pair of torture racks that have Sage and Madison desperately reaching for one another to gain leverage, but the overbearing damage leaves them ripe for falling backbreakers that leave them twitching.

Stomps awaken the FWR twosome for more before their tormentors drive them into the mats with cranking DDTs. The beatdown continues as Anne and Sapphire apply double nerve pinches to their foes so vicious that they begin frothing from the mouths in convulsing heaps! The SKW girls clean up the mess before setting their opposers up for a couple backbreaking camel clutches. Their lower backs see further agony as the SKW girls lock-in half boston crabs that see the FWR pair frantically tapping for mercy. Their backs see further focus as they undergo punishing bearhugs, which are enhanced by a squishing sandwich between Anne and Sapphire that leaves the ladies limp.

Sage is singled out by Anne for a two-handed lifting choke as she’s squashed against the wall in excruciating fashion. Sage drifts away in Anne’s grasp as Sapphire confirms the KO with limb checks. Next they zero-in on Madison and Sapphire exhibits her technique with a swinging fisherman neckbreaker that slams her into potent convulsions. Anne piles onto Madison’s suffering as a whipping sister abigail slam sends her tumbling across the mats into a vanquished twitching heap. The attention goes back to Sage as Sapphire applies her signature Mexican surfboard, twisting the poor girl out of proportion. Her misery is driven even further as she feels belly punches and sleeperholds from her compromised position till she’s squeezed out cold.

In the home stretch the SKW girls seek to lay them out for good as a set of devastating tombstone piledrivers plant them head first, leaving them as writhing damsels. The finishing touch is applied as Sapphire takes the lead, instructing Anne on how to apply her most lethal technique. Sage and Madison find themselves on the end of two quaking sapphire bombs from team SKW that leave them depleted. Anne and Sapphire score a couple 10-count matchbook pins alongside prevailing win poses securing a prideful win for SKW.

Double foot smother KO
Frying pan KO
Reverse headscissor KO
Belly punches
Sleeperhold KOs
Over-the-shoulder carry
Dual stunner KO
Torture rack KOs
Torture rack + running knee KO
Dual belly splash
Double DDT KO
Double nerve pinch KOs
Double camel clutches
Double half boston crabs
Double bearhug KOs
Lifting chokehold KO
Fisherman neckbreaker KO
Sister Abigail KO
Mexican surfboard + sleeperhold KO
Double tombstone piledriver KOs
Double sapphire bomb KOs
Double matchbook 10-count pins
Derri “air” KO poses
Limb checks
Tongue protrusion
Foaming mouths
Trash talk
Win poses


Length: 29 min

Price: 25.99