(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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It’s SKW versus FWR in this cross promotion bout!  Stalwart SKW star Anne faces off against FWR’s Madison in a first of five falls match, all knockouts, no dq and no submissions, after multiple heated exchanges online.  To say these two don’t like each other is putting it mildly, and with the prestige of each brand on the line, it’s time to fight out their differences.

The combatants square off, circling each other, and after a quick lock-up, Anne fires a knee into Madison’s belly, then throws her head-first into the nearby wall, swooping in to punish her belly with a brutal series of punches and knee lifts that leave Madison winded.  Sending her crashing to the mat with a fast snap mare, Anne follows up with a belly splash, but misses her second attempt, giving Madison the chance to slap on a wrenching figure four. Anne thrashes and begs, but because this is a no submissions match, it doesn’t count. Her legs writhe in pain until Madison releases the hold only to haul Anne to her feet then drop her to the mat with a stunning pedigree.  Taking quick advantage, she slides over Anne to count out 10, picking up the first victory, and indulging in some posing over her fallen foe.

In round two, they square off again, and Madison gets the drop on Anne with a kick to the belly, returning the favor from the last round and throwing her into the wall to unload fists and knees into her belly. Stiff belly kicks explode the air from Anne’s lungs as her cheeks puff and her eyes cross from the repeated impacts until Madison peels her off of the wall, walking her to the middle of the mat and then sending her spinning to the ground with a Sister Abigail. Adding insult to injury, she crawls over and, hooking her into an inverted neck scissors, squeezing as Anne’s eyes bug and her tongue flops until at last she fades out.  Scooping Anne’s legs over her body, Madison counts out another pinfall, and FWR has taken a solid lead!

In round three, a determined Anne rushes Madison, but gets caught in a brutal bearhug, writhing in the air as she’s carried around the mat, her lungs unable to draw breath, going limper and limper until Madison releases her only to whip her neck-first into the ground with a Twist of Fate that leaves Anne twitching.  Madison isn’t finished yet and props Anne up on her knees for a vicious kick to the head before crawling over to count out another pinfall

In round four, Madison continues her domineering ways, firing knee lifts into Anne’s belly after they lock up, and then goes for a powerbomb attempt, but Anne reverses, and sends Madison tumbling head first into the mat with a cradle piledriver, laying her out cold! Now it’s Anne’s turn as she drags Madison to her feet, only to spin her into a Kill Switch, driving her forehead into the mat, her body sprawled out limp and easy pickings for Anne’s first face-sitting pinfall.

The battle rages as the girls struggle for dominance, using knee lifts, X-Factors, hanging cradles, DDT’s, sleeper holds, pedigrees, rock-bottoms, widow’s peaks, and tombstone piledrivers, until at last Anne Marie squeaks out a final victory, taking the series and upholding SKW’s honor, celebrating with a lift and carry victory pose before sticking her feet in Madison’s face. But what’s this? A run-in from Violet aka Sage Pillar with a frying pan to the head leave Anne laying for a vicious neck scissors.  Looks like this rivalry is far from over.

Knee Lifts
Belly Punching
Belly Kicking
Snap Mare
Figure Four
Pro Style
Eye Crossing
Neck Scissors
Face Sitting
Sister Abigail
Twist of Fate
Head Kicking
X Factor
Swinging Cradle
Tombstone Piledriver
Sleeper Hold
Rock Bottom
Widow’s Peak
Run In


Length: 24 min
Price: 18.99