(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)

SISTERS AT WAR: part one

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Ziva Fey is taking some time to loosen up in the mat room with some stretches before her opposition arrives, but it seems her plans have taken a turn as her sister, Mewchi Fey, arrives looking to capitalize on her sister’s supposed status of a jobber. A dose of taunting and coaxing from Mewchi in hopes to let Ziva put her over in an unscheduled match to get her name out there sparks some sibling rivalry as Ziva is in no way pleased. With both girls ready to rumble, they tie up.

A knee to Mewchi’s midsection stuns her, giving Ziva ample time to take her down. Ziva aggressively mounts her sister engaging in a single handed smother with a side of trash talk. Mewchi kicks and struggles for Ziva to release the hold, but Ziva relinquishes it herself only to add a dose of bullying with a mean nose pinch. Mewchi is then yanked up to be clutched in a trapping frontal body scissor with handsmother combo that has Mewchi hopelessly flailing till it’s nap time.

Ziva scolds her as she lands some stomach stomps to bring her back to consciousness which are soon followed by a violent leg drop leading to a knock out plus twitches. Ziva brings Mewchi to her knees and clamps a standing headscissor across her neck. Mewchi’s taps for freedom are pointless as Ziva is focused on delivering a message with more hair pulling and berating. With the damage done so far Ziva revives Mewchi and tries to force her to kiss her boot, but her resistance is only met with a knockout knee to the face. Ziva presses her boot to her unconscious sister’s face before de-booting herself for some wicked submissions.

Mewchi awakens to rear a naked choke that’s supplemented by Ziva’s socks as they’re shoved in her mouth. Mewchi squirms and fights but her efforts lead to another nap, which Ziva takes advantage of with a blinding, stinky sock smother that puts her out again. With the sock still lodged in her sister’s mouth, Ziva secures a triangle choke that puts her groveling kin to sleep again.

A foot smother forces Mewchi to come to then Ziva intensifies the punishment with a double arm-gripped double foot smother that puts her at ease. Ziva stalks Mewchi as she pulls the sock from her mouth before struggling to get to her feet. With Mewchi softened up and vulnerable, Ziva goes on the offensive with a gang of single and double foot smothers that’s seemingly topped off with a foot-to-face 10-count pin.

Ziva then cuts a short promo for the camera questioning her potential naysayers, her status as a jobber, and even mentions wanting some retribution against The Machine and Tiny. Unluckily for her Mewchi arises from her smotherfest and comes back with a thunderous low blow for her big sister. With Ziva out of commission, Mewchi takes her time de-booting herself dying to deliver her own brand of foot domination.

Mewchi clutches Ziva’s neck between her thighs for an airtight rear headscissor that she soon succumbs to. Now that Mewchi has her right where she wants her, she uses a set of double foot smothers to put her lights out. Confident that she’s secured the W against her sibling she uses her soles and toes to play with her face as she mocks her reputation as a jobber before a limb check and foot-to-face win pose secure the win for the younger sister.

Mounted hand smother
Nose pinching
Frontal body scissor w/ handsmother KO
Leg drop KO
Standing headscissor KO
Knee to face KO
Sock gagging
Rear naked choke KO
Rear sock smother KO
Triangle choke KO
Single foot smother KOs
Double foot smother KOs
Victory poses
Low blow
Trash talk
Rear headscissor KO
Face play
Limb checks


Length: 21 min
Price: 19.99