(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)

SISTERS AT WAR: part two

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With the sisters’ parents heading out for an excursion, Ziva Fey checks to make sure they are gone. She gives Mewchii the greenlight and the pair are elated for their day of mischievous fun. Mewchii disrobes to display her wrestling attire and Ziva’s colored impressed. Ziva disrobes to exhibit a shiny silver two-piece bathing suit. They feel each other out to see how they should approach their ‘professional’ match and just to agree to go with the flow. They tie up and are overcome with the tide of combat.

Mewchii gets one up on her older sister as she forces her into the wall and fires a number of shots to Ziva’s gut. Ziva reverses the momentum, forcing Mewchii into the wall and repays her with an abundance of her own belly strikes. She tops the wall punishment off with a running splash that slumps Mewchii to the floor. Ziva hoists her up and tosses her on the bed before administering a snug sleeperhold. She jeers Mewchii as she thrashes in the submission. Mewchii taps for Ziva to let go, but the elder sister is enjoying herself a bit too much. It’s lights out for Mewchii, but the confirming limb checks don’t convince Ziva she’s finished yet. Ziva goes in with a set of seemingly infinite belly splashes that wreak havoc on Mewchii’s ribs. When the berating and belly splashes finally come to an end, Ziva applies another sleeperhold that nearly causes Mewchii to spew as she twitches. Ziva ensures she gets her desired results as she tightens the hold, causing Mewchii to spit up as the twitches cease. Ziva gets the opening for a single leg hook 10-count pin and scores the first fall and victory pose.

Mewchii springs up and the girls are jubilant with how things played out. This time they switch roles and Mewchii lays into Ziva with a spinning headlock. She brings the pain to Ziva’s face with a mix of punches and forearms that leave her groggy. A second sequence of face strikes lead to a massive uppercut that sprawls Ziva out on the bed. Mewchii scoops her up and clutches around her waist for a crushing bearhug. Ziva cries in pain as her core is squeezed and the air escapes her. She can only faintly beg as every ounce of energy is squished from her. When Mewchii finally breaks the hold she transitions to seated leg drops across Ziva’s neck. The powerful impact sends Ziva’s legs kicking into the air as her throat is ravaged. Mewchii rolls her over to deliver more slingshotting leg drops to the rear. Ziva pleads to be put to sleep as the powerful blows have rendered her senseless. Mewchii then stands her up and lays her out with an x-factor. She proceeds with a sleeperhold and Ziva whimpers in submission before passing out. Mewchii decides she’s had enough and achieves the fall with a single leg hook 10-count pin.

Ziva comes to in a daze during Mewchii’s win pose and they celebrate their performance. They negotiate how they’re gonna execute the next fall and decide they’ll give it their all. They tie up in a test of strength and Ziva gets the advantage with a beautifully performed frontal bodyscissor. Ziva shreds her torso with the leggy squeeze and she passes out with ease. Ziva wakes her again and reapplies the hold, but this Mewchii’s prepared a pressure point squeeze as a counter attack. They’re tangled in each other’s submission holds and it’s a war of attrition to see who will sleep first. Ziva seemingly gets the knockout but has exerted so much of herself that she faints as well. She’s the first to wake and stands Mewchii at the foot of the bed as she retrieves a title belt. Mewchii suffers smashing blows to the face that lay her out and on the edge of consciousness. Ziva pursues with a reverse headscissor and Mewchii whines to be freed, only to end up in a figure four variant. Mewchii’s moans disappear into nothingness as she conks out, but Ziva isn’t quite done yet. More belly splashes come across her midsection and Ziva closes out with a stomach press 10-count pin and gets the dub over her younger sibling. She strikes a victory pose and adds insult to injury by using Mewchii’s funds to pay for lunch! The sibling rivalry is sure to continue after this kindred encounter!

Belly strikes
Wall splash KO
Sleeperhold KOs
Excess belly splashes KO
Single leg hook 10-count pins
Face strikes
Uppercut KO
Excess bearhug KO
Excess seated leg drops
X-factor KO
Frontal bodyscissor KOs
Title belt shots KO
Reverse headscissor
Reverse figure four headscissor KO
Stomach press 10-count pin
Test of strength
Limb checks
Instant replays
Win poses
Trash talk
Tongue protrusion


Length: 32 min
Price: 31.99