(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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Laynie challenges Sumiko to a scissors submission match!
As the girls square off and lock up, they struggle back and forth, but Sumiko manages to jump onto Laynie with a body scissors/bearhug combination that takes Laynie to the mat. Laynie struggles wildly as Sumiko wrenches in the hold, but is unable to escape.  Sumiko swings around behind the downed Laynie and switches sup to an inverted neck scissors, making Laynie go red in the face as the struggles and kicks, trying to pry herself out.  Sumiko has the hold locked in, though, and for extra measure hooks her ankle, converting to a figure four neck scissors that keeps Laynie subdues.  Laynie thrashes, refusing to quit, but the pressure on her neck is visible as she writhes on the mat.
Finally, Laynie manages to power out, prying Sumiko’s legs apart with a hard grip on her shins, and the girls are once again back on their feet. Not for long, however, as Laynie charges the staggering Sumiko, and catches her with a brutal spear!  Sumiko is driven to the mat hard, and wasting no time, Laynie swings around behind her, paying Sumiko back with a neck scissors of her own.  Now it’s Sumiko’s turn to thrash and struggle on the mat, gasping for air as her legs kick and buck.  Finally, she’s able to use a kick out to break the hold, getting back to a vertical base, if on wobbly legs.  Laynie is all offense now, and once again charges Sumiko, catching her with a running knee lift to the belly, exploding air from the exotic beauty’s lungs.  Once again Sumiko drops to the mat, and Laynie chases her down, wrapping powerful thighs around Sumiko’s abdomen and cinching in a crushing body scissors. Sumiko howls as Laynie tightens her thighs, trying to pry her elbows between to force a separation, but Laynie has her caught, wriggling to the side to continue punishing Sumiko’s belly, then scooting up to reapply the hold around her neck once again.  Sumiko thrashes violently to free herself, finally rolling onto her stomach to force a break, but Laynie, inverts herself, keeping Sumiko’s neck and head trapped.
Powerful thighs keep a vice-like grip on Sumiko’s head, and all she can do is grunt and struggle, kicking her legs in pain as Laynie crows and taunts her.  Sumiko refuses to submit, so Laynie switches tactics, releasing her only to target Sumiko’s arm and shoulder, crushing them between her legs and bucking her hips to keep the pressure on.  Sumiko howls in pain, until Laynie releases her only to roll her onto her belly and slap her into a seated neck scissor from behind, arching her back and making Sumiko wince and whimper.  Not satisfied with the punishment she’s dealing out, Laynie once again floats around Sumiko, keeping her head trapped as the seated scissor hold become a sideways one.  Sumiko’s face puffs and flushes as Laynie cranks to hold tight, hooking her ankles and locking in.
The pain make Sumiko pound the mat with frustrated fists, but is still trapped as powerful thighs press and tighten around her head and neck.  Confidently, Laynie pulls Sumiko upright, keeping her head trapped until she has the hold applied from a standing position, even taking the opportunity to flex and pose as Sumiko suffers in her predicament, Laynie taunts and mocks her before releasing her, only to drop to the mat with her and pull her into a brutal arm-bar, locking her head in her thighs at the same time until Sumiko’s eyes begin to roll and cross.
When she releases her, Laynie surprises Sumiko with a rolling hand-stand into a hand-stand neck-scissors, catching Sumiko completely off-guard.  As powerful thighs tighten around her neck, the fight can be seen leaving Sumiko as her eyelids begin to flutter, until Laynie at last releases her, dropping her to the mat in a heap.
But it’s not over yet, as Laynie pulls her across her lap, then hooks her neck between thigh and belly, wrenching her into a modified Neck Scissors. Gasping for breath and struggling to remain conscious, Sumiko’s eyes roll and cross, fluttering as the pressure builds.  Pressing the attack, Laynie once again switches to a seated inverted neck scissors, further wearing her opponent down.
Sumiko’s struggles grow weaker as Laynie arches to really put the pressure on, before rolling Sumiko up to once again target her abdomen from the side.  Still not ready to give up, Sumiko leaves Laynie no choice but to float over and pull her into an inverted neck scissors, really squeezing her until Sumiko has no choice but to tap out.   But that’s not enough for Laynie as she keeps crushing her until Sumiko’s fluttering eyes finally roll back into head and she goes limp.
Laynie celebrates with a few victory poses over the knocked out knockout, picking up her first SKW win.

Neck Scissors
Body Scissors
Inverted Neck Scissors
Sideways Neck Scissors
Seated Neck Scissors
Figure Four Neck Scissors
Standing Neck Scissors
Handstand Neck Scissors
Squash Match
Running Knee Lift
Tap Out
Pro Style
Crossed Eyes
Rolling Eyes

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Length: 19 min

Price: 16.99