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Ruby Red challenges SKW Champion Sapphire to a non-title match, No DQ and No Holds Barred.. The diminutive Ruby comes out of the gates strong as she leaps onto Sapphires’ back to apply a quick Sleeper Hold.  Sapphire sinks to the floor as Ruby applies even more pressure with a reverse scissor hold around the waist, but the champ isn’t out of the game yet, as she fires a brutal elbow to Ruby’s gut, reversing the dynamic of the match.  Punishment follows as a devastating Figure Four Headlock is wrapped around Ruby’s chin, her eyes crossing as consciousness fades.  Before she passes out entirely she’s dragged into a brutal Bow Stretch, enduring searing claw raking across her exposed belly. The champ continues to toy with her as belly punches, head scissors, figure four leg-locks and crushing belly scissors leave the hapless Ruby deflated and dazed.  Has Ruby bitten off more than she can chew in challenging the SKW Champion?

Pro Style
Domination Match
Sleeper Holds
Figure Four Leg Locks
Figure Four headlock
Arm Bars
Crossed Eyes
Bow Stretch
Belly Clawing
Belly Punching
Booty Shorts
Belly Stomping
Victory Pose


Length: 18 mins
Price: 14.99