(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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Fantasy appeals to the camera looking super cute in her superheroine gear, and while she’s happy to be back at SKW, she’s a bit hesitant due to a particular woman she’s accusing of stalking her. After fabricating the reasoning, Fantasy announces that she now has a bodyguard to handle such an issue, whom she introduces to be her good friend Rock-C. SK reveals that an anonymous contact queried about Fantasy’s next appearance. In the middle of their discussion Feisty Feminista startles the girls from behind with grips of hair then sends the girls colliding into each other for the first KO. Feisty blows off the stalker accusations and gets a laugh out of Fantasy and her “bodyguard” while setting them against the wall for more punishment. Lunging belly strikes crash into their cores, then she softens them up with quicker strikes and huge kicks. She stacks them up and proceeds with heavy belly blows. She then puts them down with a set of running wall splashes that topples them into a body pile.

Feisty shows dominance with a foot on the rear of a downed Rock-C then gets back to business. Placing Fantasy’s neck in a figure four fold between Fantasy’s legs, she heads back to apply a sleeperhold to Rock-C initiating a chain reaction causing both girls to suffer. Feisty’s coercion causes Rock-C to squeeze more tightly as her own wit fades. The comatose twosome is toyed with until Fantasy wakes, but to her dismay remains trapped in Rock-C’s mile-long figure four headscissor and is hopeless to escape it before conking out. Fantasy’s pain persists as Feisty awakens her for a big vertical suplex KO. With Rock-C’s turn for high impact, Feisty employs a huge gut shot pursued by a DDT KO. The dazed babes are set side by side as Feisty taunts with a heel’s prowess, then she tortures them more with a dual skullcrusher submission. The compacting hold sends them collapsing backwards to Feisty’s satisfaction.

For her next act, Feisty stacks the heroines up stomach to stomach, then comes crashing down with a number of thunderous belly splashes to take them out simultaneously. With Rock-C surely out of the picture, she wakes and confronts Fantasy about said stalking, but the petite superwoman is utterly zonked. A squishing bearhug gets Fantasy to come to her senses, but she’s soon put out from the excruciating hold. Leaving Fantasy groggy on her feet, Feisty brings Rock-C into the mix with a dual bearhug that sandwiches Fantasy in the center. Feisty uses her stature to rip into the girls, crushing them with her might and allowing Fantasy to involuntarily splash Rock-C for a pair of knockouts. Feisty continues to do damage by rustling the girls awake in bullying fashion and standing them up. Two powerful roundhouse kicks lay the girls out, inciting slight twitches from the KO’s.

Jarring the ladies awake for more, Feisty preps a set of chloroform rags to gas the duo out with. Fantasy is the first to go as she’s smothered with the moist rag, whimpering till she’s a comatose and drooling heap. Rock-C receives the same treatment with the same result. Rousing the girls up for more, she offers the false promise of freedom, then cuts it short with a dual chloroform rag smother KO. With the couple laid out and making physical contact, Feisty finds the perfect opportunity to use the stun rod for a shocking two-for-one KO. For an even better result, Feisty stacks the lighter Fantasy atop Rock-C and jams the rod down, lighting the pair into frothy, unconscious, and twitching damsels. Despite the girls being beaten into submission, Feisty acquires a steel chair from the back.

Fantasy can barely keep her footing as Feisty sets her up, then she’s put down with a few chair shots. Feisty’s brutality continues with more chair shots to an already destroyed Fantasy then turns her attention to the hired hand. Rock-C is jarred from her stupor and raised to receive numerous chair shots for a spread eagle KO. Face up and out cold, Rock-C endures even more chair shots. The merciless beat down continues as Feisty gets Rock-C to her feet and bends her over the knee. One goodnight kiss later and she’s suffering a spinning whiplash into the mats with a sister abigail KO. Feisty then yanks Fantasy up in roughneck fashion and spikes her directly into the mat with a tombstone, in which she splats on top of Rock-C afterward.

The ladies lie obliterated and twitching as Feisty finally decides to end the torment. Fantasy gets an authoritative 10-count leglocking matchbook pin and the leggy Rock-C receives a 10-count single leg hook pin to bring the whooping to a close. At first, Feisty goes for a common foot-on-victim pose, but decides to let her supremacy be known in an even greater sense and performs OTS carry win poses with both combatants. She dumps Rock-C on top of Fantasy and decides her currently stalked target has had enough.

Dual body smash KO
Dual belly punching
Dual belly kicks
Dual body splashes KO
Sleeperhold to figure four headscissor chain reaction KOs
Vertical suplex KO
Dual skullcrusher KO
Body pile belly splashes KO
Lifting bearhug
Dual bearhug KO
Roundhouse kick KOs
Chloroform rag smother KOs
Dual chloroform rag smother KO
Dual stun prod strikes
Body pile stun rod KO
Frothy drooling
Chair shots KOs
Sister abigail KO
Piledriver to body pile KO
10-count leglocking matchbook pin
10-count single leg hook pin
Over-the-shoulder carry victory poses
Victory poses
Body piles
Instant replays


Length: 32 min
Price: 31.99