(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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Dakota’s busy tearing apart the mat room as she’s the phone with an undisclosed party. She takes shots at the SKW roster and the room’s decor before being greeted by Galas. Dakota even makes rude remarks toward Galas’ attire. The heated discussion continues and it’s revealed that she’s Dakota and her husband just so happens to appreciate the debauchery that takes place here. Galas strikes a nerve as she agitates Dakota into delivering a massive face slap. Galas charges up and handles Dakota into a sleeperhold. The submission makes Dakota resemble the girls she recently chastised. Dakota goes out on her feet and is soon left a derri “air” KO’d, tongue-protruding heap on the mats.Galas toys with Dakota’s limp figure and gets her ready for a nicely improvised custom video.

Galas appeals to Dakota’s lover as she presents to the camera his folded and drooling spouse. Some spanks stir Dakota awake and into bewilderment as she’s perturbed by what’s taking place. Galas throws Dakota into the wall, which is met with Dakota’s protest against the match. Galas ignores her and gets to work with a batch of belly punches and trash talking. The drool begins to pour as Galas lays into her midsection with stinging fists, then turns up the heat with a myriad of kicks to the ribs.

The pair reposition to the mats, then Galas tears into Dakota’s groin with a number of low blows. Dakota’s legs wither as she falls to a sit, then has her spine bent with a backbreaker. Galas amps the pain by applying simultaneous belly and throat claws. Galas lays Dakota out with a splat to the mat before standing her for more. Dakota’s ribs see further targeting as Galas lunges in for a frontal bearhug. The clutching squeeze enforces more drool from Dakota’s lips and down Galas’ legs as she proceeds to go limp. Galas then applies pressure from the rear with an altered bearhug, crushing Dakota into more drooling and silly KO’d jobber expressions. Galas then wakes Dakota up for a big shot in the form of a heart punch that drops Dakota into wild tongue-protruding convulsions. Dakota’s left to spasm for a while before Galas shows mercy with a second heart punch to calm the shakes.

Galas wakes Dakota and the resistant jobber can barely get her bearings. A pedigree sends Dakota face-first into the mats and into another derri “air” KO. Dakota manages to come to, slowly getting to her feet and ends up smushed into Galas’ melons for a smother. Dakota flails around before eventually succumbing to the hold, then being left out cold on her feet as the drool continually drips. Galas drops the disgruntled baddie to the mats where she sprawls out for the next maneuver. Galas sits Dakota in her lap where she moans in exhaustion, then gets pressed with a temple drill that gets the drool flowing.

Galas stands the disoriented Dakota up for more and gets back to more powerful belly blows that hunch her forward as she grunts and drools. Galas then performs a comical speedbag round of punches to Dakota’s belly that cause her to spaz and spew as she stands. Galas goes upstairs as she speedbags into Dakota’s face for more gags and drooling. Dakota stands punchdrunk with an ahegao face before crumbling into a derri “air” pose where begins convulsing. A domineering kick lays Dakota on her back where the convulsions continue and Galas flames her.

Galas stands Dakota up where she’s left a groggy heap as a steel chair is procured from the back. A smash of the steel drops Dakota to the mats where she’s left ripe for following chair shots to come across her face. The drool continues as Dakota is left writhing and moaning. Galas goes for the ribs again with thudding double ax handle smashes to the midsection. Galas stands and continues the assault with massive belly stomps until Dakota is brought to the edge of consciousness with a spit take. Galas initiates her coup de grace by sitting on Dakota’s face and smothering her out with the pubic hair that Dakota was so critical of earlier. Dakota’s left sprawled and finished allowing Galas to grab a sharpie and brand her midriff with a scoring of their match. Dakota is left twitching in the center of the mats with a pleasurable ahegao face that exposes her secret intentions.

Face slap
Sleeperhold KO
Belly punching
Belly kicks
Low blows
Backbreaker + belly & throat claws
Frontal bearhug
Rear bearhug KO
Heart punch KOs
Pedigree KO
Breast smother
Temple drill KO
Speedbag belly punches
Speedbag face punches KO
Chair shots KO
Double ax handles to belly
Belly stomping w/ spit take
Frontal facesitting KO
Instant replays
Derri “air” KO poses
Excess drooling
Limb checks
Tongue protrusion
Trash talk


Length: 29 min
Price: 27.99