We fade in on the end of a brutal one-sided boxing battle. After pummeling her belly against the wall, Shan throws a right/left hook/UPPERCUT combo that leaves Devon out cold on the mat. As she celebrates her victory, however, we see a vengeful ALEX witnessing her tag-team partner’s destruction. The Asian beauty attacks, knocking Shan out with an extended piggy-back sleeper hold, only to wake her up for more! Shan is belly-beaten and finished off with a solar plexus punch KO, only to wake up to a painful temple screwdriver attack…a tactic that has Shan twitching even after she’s out. A running belly splash KO comes next (Alex even gut stomps the poor blonde twice to make sure she’s not playing possum!), and as Shan slumbers Alex takes the time to wake Devon up for a final 2 on 1 stunner knockout! That leaves just enough time for a double pin and a victory pose!

Length: 13 minutes

Price: $10.99