Serena is a Vampire Slayer hunting a mass murderer in this fantasy scenario.  She has tracked the nefarious killer of women to a hiding spot deep below a local house and is set to confront her.  Finally entering the lower levels, she finds Sapphire in lotus position, meditating, her quarry found at last.  Serena stalks her from behind but as she approaches she suddenly clutches her own throat, choking! She writhes on the ground as Sapphire gloats over her, her eyes fluttering and crossing as she struggles for breath before finally shutting as she goes still twitching.

Sapphire pulls her to her feet, daring her to attack. Serena throws a brutal haymaker but catches nothing but air as Sapphire disappears!  From out of nowhere an invisible force punches her repeatedly in the face until her eyes cross and she wobbles on unsteady feet, then Sapphire materializes in front of her to deliver punch after punch to the blonde slayer’s face. Sapphire wraps her arm high and delivers a heart punch that sends Serena twitching to the ground, knocked out.  Not for long as Sapphire hauls her to her feet, placing her against the wall for a series of face and belly punches before charging full steam with a running knee lift, leaving the gasping Serena to crumble to the ground, only to take a series of leg drops.

Sapphire takes delight in punishing the slayer with temple nerve attacks that leave her drooling, neck chops that make her eyes cross and flutter, vice grip presses, inverted dragon sleepers with belly clawing, standing sleeper holds, belly stomping, neck-pinch nerve attacks, widow’s peaks, face punching, belly punching, before delivering her from her misery with a bite to the neck, feasting on her.  Defeated thoroughly, Serena is hauled over Sapphire’s shoulders and carried away.

Face Punching
Belly Punching
Knee Lifts
Eye Crossing
Heart Punch
Vice Grip
Neck Chops
Neck Pinch
Widow’s Peak
Neck Biting


Length: 20 min
Price: 15.99