(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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London Evans – beige
Kody Evans – pink

The Evans twins go to war as they’re tasked with taking each other out with a slew of deadly techniques and precise knockouts. Kody ends up being our first misfortunate victim as London sneaks up on the slate-claden beauty while laced up in her judoka gi and panties. A sleeperhold brings the swimsuit sister to her knees and soon to her rear as the chokehold settles in. Without too much resistance, London takes her sibling to the mats and counts her out with a limb check. A following neck snap lays Kody out and a pulse check finalizes the sequence. London then plants a foot on her rival’s stomach as she flexes after the first knockout.

The next fall sees London take a similar approach, but this time Kody is ready as she breaks out with a few elbow shots to London’s ribs. A stunned London is flipped onto her back with a technical arm flip toss. Kody repays the favor of a sleeper by locking one on London and choking her out despite the fight she puts up. Kody then puts her sister down with a cranking neck snap that sprawls her out and puts a sassy foot to her stomach to claim dominance.

London ends up knocking Kody into a punchdrunk stupor as she rocks her with consecutive face blows. London can barely stand with the birdies twirling and London drops her to her knees with a roundhouse kick. London whips around and floors her with a stiff kick to the chin for a knockout. For good riddance, London performs a few head stomps that shoot Kody upward from the sheer impacts. A coup de grace comes in the form of a twisting neck snap after London places Kody’s neck between her ankles. A foot to the space shows Kody who the superior sister is as London tauts her strength.

Sentry Kody is crept on again and is placed under the debilitating effects of a nerve pinch. Kody surprisingly reverses the hold with a hammerlock into a nerve pinch of her own. London’s doom is spelled with a countdown, then she’s face down and unconscious on the mats. Kody flips her over and returns the harsh face stomps from the previous round, then breaks her neck with a returned twisting neck snap from the ankles. Afterward, Kody smushes her foot to London’s face as the round’s victress.

An attire and roll switch sees Kody don the pink gi and predatory position as London stands watch in her one-piece. A sleeperhold is clamped around the throat of London and she’s brought to the canvas by the asphyxiation. London shows signs of life through the limb checks and Kody reapplies the submission. A series of limb checks, squeezing sleepers, and drooling slumbers take place until Kody is ready to finish the deed with a neck snap. With a pulse check signifying the end for London, Kody strikes a foot-to-groin win pose.

The next scenario kicks off with Kody sneaking up applying a rear bearhug to London. London brute forces her way out with a reverse headbutt and takes Kody down with Judo-style arm flip toss. Seated leg drops crash across Kody’s throat leaving her limp and unresponsive to limb checks. To take out the target, London curls Kody into a headscissor and slams her down for a crunching neck snap. Comfy and prosperous, London strikes a pose with her fallen sister’s head between her thighs.

The ladies come face to face as their combat session reaches a close and can’t come to agreement as to who’s the better fighter. Kody reveals the ace up her sleeve and whips a tranquilizer pistol from her gi, then pops London in the chest. London menacingly encroaches on her prey as she staggers back to the wall. Consecutive piercing darts pierce the air from London’s chest before a groin shot lays her against the wall. The following limb checks are counted, then Kody delivers more belly shots before another groin shot. A neck snap leaves London out for the count and Kody poses over her with the tranq pistol’s barrel pressed to her crotch.

Sleeperhold KOs
Neck snap KOs
Elbows to stomach
Arm flip throws
Face punches
Roundhouse kick
Face kick KO
Head stomps KOs
Standing twisting neck snap KOs
Nerve pinch
Hammer lock w/ nerve pinch KO
Rear bearhug
Headbutt reversal
Seated leg drops KO
Headscissor neck snap KO
Tranquilizer pistol KO
Instant replays
Assorted victory poses
Foot to face win poses
Pulse checks
Limb checks
Limp play
Trash talk


Length: 18 min
Price: 17.99