(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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Sentry, Lia Labowe, keeps surveillance over casa de SK, ready to take out any opposing threat coming her way. Unluckily for her, you’re well equipped to handle any of her attempts at thwarting intruders. You approach from the rear and she catches you as you close the gap. A strong quick to the groin leaves her clutching her cooter in gasping agony. As she’s hunched you launch a boot to her face that topples her backwards. She stumbles about trying to keep hold of her wits, but hits the grass and sprawls out. You deliver more stomps and punches to the groin that make her teeter on the edge of consciousness. She whimpers as she gets on all fours in an attempt to stand. You cut her off with a couple cunt punts that flip her back over to clutching her lady parts. As she lies vulnerable, a twisting neck snap sends her into pained convulsions. You add to the torment with another shot to the groin and succeeding neck snap that puts her out of commission.

In the next scene, your stealth approach sees success as you peek down the crosshairs of your tranq pistol for accurate shots to Lia’s loins. The sapping effects of the darts gradually lie her prone into agitated convulsions. She rolls to her back as the convulsions cease and tries to crawl to safety. You catch her defenseless on all fours, administering a second shot to her crotch sending her into more spasms. She rolls over and the effects of the tranqs continue to riddle her body with jolting twitches. As she lies with her legs spread you successfully land another shot between her legs causing her to grasp her throbbing cat as she sits groggily. You close the gap and perform a triple tap to the pussy that lays her out in a daze with her tongue dangling. A final round to the forehead puts her down for good and you pan over the fallen sentry before she disintegrates.

As the next sentry lounges on a break from duty, your concealed approach from the front allows you a clean opening shot to her genitalia. She lies along the cushions with her legs spread presenting you with the perfect opportunity for a blackjack to her privates. She grabs at her pussy in anguish then makes an effort to vault the furniture to escape. You stop her mid-climb with a club to the twat that sends her into gasping breaths. A successive punch the pussy is followed by a neck snap that reclines her in the comfortable seat. She enters a twitching fit and you end her misery with executing shots to the crotch and neck.

Again she lounges outside, but this time to the soothing sounds of flowing water nearby. You rudely disturb her brief respite with a round to the genitalia. She wobbles around and falls on all fours giving you the golden opportunity for a shot between her legs. She lies face down convulsing in utter defenselessness. She rolls to her back as she tries to recover and you stall her with another groin shot. You hurl her over the promenade railing and retrieve a stun rod that’s used to stimulate her cat with immense voltage. You re-equip the pistol and deal a triple tap to her chest as she dangles in susceptibility, taking her down once again.

You draw the leader out of hiding as she seeks to locate her clones. A staggering face punch has her seeing stars before she collapses on her back. A limb check confirms she’s out cold and you drag her to an undisclosed location for a bit of “interrogating”. She awakens with her hands tied and struggles to break her binding. She questions you as to what your true intentions are and you menacingly take hold of the stun rod. She quivers in desperation as she can’t bear to endure such pussy punishment. You press it to her lips, filling her with countless volts till a stream of drool seeps from her lips. She spasms throughout the prolonged tasing, moaning and gasping as she begs you to stop. You tease her toned figure with a knife’s edge and a stab to her box fills her with intense pain. She holds onto consciousness as she pleads for your mercy. Her final whimpers of sympathy are silenced as you plunge the blade into her neck, giving her a similar sendoff as the rest of her clones.

Groin kicks
Face kick KO
Groin punch
Cunt punts
Neck snap KOs
Tranquilizer pistol KOs
Blackjack strikes to groin
Stun rod to groin KOs
Face punch KO
Hands tied
Groin stab
Neck stab KO
First-person PoV
Knife play
Limb checks
Tongue protrusion
Twitching / convulsing


Length: 17 min
Price: 16.99