(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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SK is seeking to fill a vacant role within the agency for protection and agents Kayla & Vika will be competing for it. The virtual reality simulation will pit them against one another to test their overall effectiveness in various combat and stealth scenarios. Following the debriefing the ladies make their way to the station and their clash ensues.

Vika takes the initiative as Kayla stands guard to ward off intruders. Kayla’s caught off guard as a sleeperhold is applied from the rear and her circulation is cut causing her to lose consciousness. Vika scoops her up for an OTS carry and identifies a spot to conceal her limp figure. They swap positions and Vika stands guard as Kayla becomes the infiltrator. She slips into Vika’s blind spot and secures a sleeperhold on the unaware sentry. Vika soon goes out as she can’t tolerate the lack of oxygen and ends up over Kayla’s shoulder. Displaying a similar level of skill, Kayla stashes her body in a hidden location.

The lethality is ramped up for the next test as Vika easily closes in on Kayla. A sleeperhold squeezes the sentry into a feeble state and Vika lays her out with a neck snap. Kayla lies convulsing in agony until a second neck snap puts an end to it. A pulse check confirms the KO and she triumphantly poses over her foe. Kayla manages to creep on her prey in a similar manner and Vika ends up in her deadly sleeperhold. As the submission wears her down a neck snap crumples her into a derri “air” pose where she’s left to twitch in defeat. Kayla ends her misery with an additional neck snap and places a boot on her rear for an enticing win pose.

The location changes and Vika manages to stealth her way past the entry gate and behind a posted Kayla. A shoulder tap turns her around and into a fierce right hook. Vika tightens a front headlock on the dazed sentry swiftly wearing her down to the ground. Kayla goes limp and ends up victim to a neck snap that leaves her twitching in the derri “air” pose. Vika finishes the job with a follow-up neck snap and repays the win pose dealt to her in the previous encounter. Kayla briskly makes her way past the same entry point and exhibits an equal level of punching power as she clocks Vika in the jaw. Kayla wraps Vika into a dragon sleeper bending her backwards as her oxygen is cut. A neck snap leaves her floored and convulsing from the trauma. Kayla then displays immaculate technique as she performs a one foot neck snap to her vulnerable target. She then poses over the body before the next exchange.

Chloroform enters the fray as it’s used to sap away Kayla’s vitality through a rag smother. She’s put away without much fight, then hoisted over Vika’s shoulder to be discarded. Kayla’s approach offers similar results as the potency of the chloroform easily overwhelms Vika. Vika goes out like a light and over Kayla’s shoulder to be done away with.

The next scene takes a more leisurely turn as the sentry is caught off guard by taking a brief rest from her duties. As Kayla takes a load off from a comfortable seat on the deck, Vika moves in from behind fastening a garrote wire across her throat. Kayla squirms in a frenzy as she’s incapable of escape. The clenching of her airway leads to an eye-rolling KO and Vika completes the task with a neck snap before continuing onward. As Vika takes a brief respite, Kayla emerges from behind offering the same deadly gesture. The garrote wire tightens across her windpipe causing her body to seize up as she gasps for air. After enough squeezing she’s left slumped in her seat and fit for Kayla to wrap-up with a neck snap that stops her pulse. She flexes over her fallen foe before the next sequence.

Kayla is spotted sitting at her post and Vika sneaks from behind with a silenced pistol. A hand smother causes Kayla to enter a panic giving Vika ample time to reveal a pistol and plug her solar plexus with a shot. Kayla is left reeling as she clutches her wound and Vika takes the opportunity to triple tap her exposed neck ensuring she’s done for the instance. Vika plants a sweet kiss on her head and offers a good night wish before heading off. When it’s Kayla’s turn she catches Vika mildly distracted as she daydreams. A shiny spandex glove wraps around her airways and she shifts around in her seat attempting to break free. A stomach shot quells her squirming and she teeters on the edge of consciousness. With her neck ripe for the taking, Vika receives a triple tap to the side of it putting her down for the count. Kayla looks over the fallen femme fatale, then proceeds.

As Kayla mans her post at the hot tub she mistakenly opens her back to the wrong angle. Vika prowls from behind and a sudden stab from the side leaves Kayla clutching the puncture in sheer pain. Vika heaves her on top of a wooden post with a playful spank as she makes her way around for the finish. As Kayla’s unable to defend herself, a stab to the side of her neck puts her lights out causing her to dangle lifelessly as she hangs. Vika leaves her to bleed out as the critical wounds take their toll. A similar fate is bestowed upon Vika when it’s her turn to keep watch. She cringes in anguish as a knife digs deep into her midsection. Kayla hauls her victim over the same railing that she suffered from and closes in on her exposed neck. Vika begs Kayla to not inflict any more pain but Kayla’s inner sadist denies her wishes with a stab straight to the neck. Vika’s loud shrieks form into soft whimpers as she dangles in defeat. Kayla indulges with some limp play and spanking before disengaging.

They return to the first post and Vika attempts to get the drop on Kayla, but this time she’s ready. They wrestle over the taser in Vika’s possession and just before the weapon is pressed to her person, Kayla makes a sacrifice by going chest to chest to share the powerful volts. The two convulse in harmony as the electric shock courses through their bodies and they’re left in a body pile, spasming against each other for a double KO.

The examination concludes from their last engagement and they stand before SK to receive the results. As both ladies have displayed exceptional talent and skill within their respective specializations they’ve both been rewarded with promotion. For tradition’s sake the VR simulation is concluded with a chloroform spray to their faces. They collapse to the seat behind them barely hanging onto their wits as the mixture takes over. As they lie stupefied, SK takes it upon himself to speed up the process with a pair of neck snaps that puts the girls out of commission. The simulation comes to an end and their lifeless frames disappear as reality resumes.

Sleeperhold KOs
Neck snap KOs
Frontal headlock KO
Dragon sleeper KO
Chloroform smother KOs
Garrote choke KOs
Silenced pistol KOs
Throat stab KOs
Double Taser KO
Dual chloroform spray
Over-the-shoulder carries
Derri “air” KO poses
Twitching / Convulsing
Victory poses
Tongue protrusion
Body pile
Knife play
Tongue protrusion
Light spanking
Instant replays


Length: 23 min
Price: 21.99