(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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The bewitching Tilly McReese stands guard adorned in venturous Captain America gear, prepared to serve final justice to any potential evildoers. We get a great view of the woman standing for the stars and stripes, but will she be able to withstand our breach?

We creep up on Tilly unsuspected and her surprise is met with a nerve pinch to the shoulder. Her struggle soon falters as she swoons to the mats, sprawled out. As we observe she tries to rise, but is cut short by a KO punch. She comes to after a few limb checks, but is laid out for the count with a sharp neck chop.

Our next approach is equipped with a blackjack that delivers two swift blows leaving Tilly on the edge of a blackout in a derri “air” pose. She groans in submission as her eyes lazily gloss over before a third hit drops her midriff and consciousness. A quick limb check confirms the knockout.

For the next KO the avenging heroine finds herself at the opposing end of a chloroform rag sapping her energy as the substance has its way with her. She collapses backwards in spread eagle fashion as her body gives way. We pursue forth with a second smothering that Tilly frantically fights to escape. Each ounce of resistance is drained as her eyes gradually roll back during the scuffle until she succumbs. Another limb check ensures another KO against the beauty.

In the following round Tilly gets a taste of CQC as she’s surprised with a few staggering jabs and crosses that leave her punchdrunk. Her grogginess presents an opportune moment for a one-handed neck snap which plants her in a derri “air” pose where she rapidly convulses and moans from the trauma. She’s rolled onto her back where her spasms continue, however we relieve her misery with a second neck snap.

In the next encounter we have the advantage of range as a quirky whistle and quickly drawn handgun catch an unwarned Tilly off guard. Multiple chest shots leave her staggering around the mats till we press her against the wall with our silenced barrel. A shot to the neck causes her legs to give way as she slumps against the wall. She catches 3 consecutive shots to her juicy midriff before pleading to be finished. A final headshot lays her down for another KO.

In the coming bout our poor leading lady has her pain tolerance tested as a stun baton to the neck sends volts coursing throughout her body. We slickly slip an active taser beneath her before she falls and is left convulsing in a derri “air” pose. Part way through her legs buckle as her belly slaps the mats and her electried writhing continues. Once the taser is exhausted and Tilly’s twitches slow, we lift her head from the mats to be met with a cascading flow of drool that forms a puddle, signifying her demise.

Up close and personal is the theme for the succeeding round as our knife pierces Tilly’s chest before bringing her to her knees. She sits in a daze with weathered breaths before a throat slit forces her to produce faint gurgles. Her suffering is concluded with a stab to the back of the neck that drapes her over the mats for the knockout.

We return to the gunplay as the unprepared heroine is ambushed with a few shots to the chest. As she wobbles around zonked, the stakes are raised with a machine gun and a burst of shots that riddle her for a fall into spread eagle. The delirious and debilitated Tilly begs for the pain to stop and her wishes are granted as a one tap to the head puts her down. For insurance, her chest endures a triple tap as each shot makes her strongly jerk. We place the handgun on her chest before our last viewing of the vanquished avenger.

Nerve pinch KO
Face punch KO
Neck chop KO
Blackjack KO
Chloroform smother KOs
Neck snap KOs
Stun baton + taser KO
Throat slit
Neck stab KO
Derri “air” KO poses
Tongue protrusion
Gunplay KOs
Knife play KO
Limb checks


Length: 13 min
Price: 11.99