(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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Front and center our two gorgeous sentries decked out in enticing attire, Karly Salinas, and Lia Labowe stand front and center before engaging in a back-and-forth of lethal KOs and triumphant poses.

Lia sneaks into the area as Karly keeps watch. A sleeperhold quickly takes the wind from Karly’s sail as she goes limp in her grasp. Lia swiftly snaps her neck resulting in a lifeless slump to the mats where Karly vulnerably twitches. A follow-up neck snap puts an end to her twitches allowing Lia a prevalent victory pose over her foe. Next, Karly creeps into the scene as Lia monitors the space. Karly applies a sleeperhold as Lia struggles for freedom. A lack of oxygen forces Lia to succumb to the hold, dropping her into subtle convulsions before a neck snap ends the encounter. Karly earns a victory pose of her own before the next round.

In the following bout, Lia applies a blackjack to the back of Karly’s head making quick work of her as well as enforcing a derri “air” KO pose. The strands of hair concealing her face are cleared before a final blow of the blackjack spirals her into unconsciousness securing another win pose for Lia. Their positions swap and Lia gets her just desserts as blackjack blows send her face down and tail up. A final blackjack blow forces her to submissively recoil before she lies senseless. Karly flexes over her defeated foe before the next round.

A stealth approach allows Lia to close in and land a staggering hook across Karly’s face. Karly is brought to the wall where blows rain into her belly, driving the wind from her lips. The beatdown is topped off with a thin rod driven into her midsection forcing her to collapse forward in defeat. Lia then dominantly flips her adversary over for a win pose. Afterward Karly finds herself on the offensive as her hook staggers Lia into a daze. Her punches wreak havoc on Lia’s belly before a spike pierces it. Lia melts face down as her derrière kisses the sky. Karly arrogantly flips her over before posing over her broken opponent.

In this instance, the aggressor has access to a chloroform rag and Lia gets the initiative. Karly fights back with a well-placed thumb to Lia’s temple, forcing her to change position. Karly displays an incredible presence of mind as she forces Lia into the chloroform smother as well. Lips-to-lips through the cloth, the ladies fade to the powerful substance as they relent control, falling to the mats. This allows us a moment to intrude on the action as we confirm knockouts for both beauties with the chloroform rag. They’re left vanquished and spent on the mats before the next trial.

Lia approaches with a hand-to-mouth smother for Karly while equipped with a handgun. As Karly struggles her midsection is filled with plugging shots, leaning her against the nearest wall in a weakened stupor. Lia brushes her beautiful figure with the suppressor before a heart shot lays her into a derri “air” KO pose. A finishing shot is injected to Karly’s rear before a win pose confirms the KO. Subsequently Karly predatorily slithers her way in with a firearm, applying a smother of her own before shots plug Lia’s lower back. Lia’s fight dissipates as she feebly fades to the wall. Karly brushes her gorgeous figure with the weapon’s silencer before a shot pierces her heart, sending her crumbling into a derri “air” KO pose. A final shot into Lia’s rear makes her fidget before Karly establishes dominance over her opposition.

Once again we get to partake in the fun as both sentries don’t suspect our approach. Favorably we’re a good shot and our piercing projectiles lead to both ladies clutching one another to keep their footing. A nearby submachine gun permits us to quickly hose the knockouts down, rendering them susceptible to more punishment. Our submissive dolls are helpless as they lie splayed. A headshot succeeded by heartshot puts both of them out while limb checks confirm the KOs. A final view of each sentry validates the end as the trials are concluded.

Sleeperhold KOs
Neck snap KOs
Blackjack KOs
Belly punching
Stomach stab KOs
Chloroform smother double KO
Chloroform smother KOs
Gunplay KOs
Derri “air” KO poses
Limb checks
Win poses
Instant replays


Length: 16 min
Price: 14.99