(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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In the first video, Alyssa Kiss is Cammie, ready to take us through a demonstration on how to take out multiple opponents, using Danielle, Ivy and Becky for practice.
The trio of sentries stand guard, each decked out in skimpy bathing suits, as Cammie sneaks up behind them. First she grabs Danielle from behind clamping her into a brutal sleeper hold, making Danielle struggle and writhe, whimpering helplessly as she cinches the hold in tight, and her eyes flutter shut as she sinks to the ground, knocked out.  Cammie then stalks Ivy, similarly wrapping her head and neck into a sleeper hold, dragging her to the ground for extra leverage, making the blonde pass out quickly and efficiently.  Lastly she sneaks up on Becky, also placing her into a sleeper hold, making her legs thrash as she’s dragged to the floor, struggling before her eyes roll back and she goes still.  With a victory pose, Cammie stands tall over the fallen agents
Next she approaches them from behind, armed with a rag. Clamping it over Ivy’s mouth, she quickly drops her to the floor, her big eyes rolling before they close. Next she pads behind Becky, using the rag once again, smothering her with it, making her eyes bug wildly as she struggles, but to no avail.  Slowly her lids begin to flutter as she succumbs to the sleep inducing drug, collapsing to the ground in a heap. Lastly, it’s Danielle’s turn as the soaked rag covers her face. She struggles helplessly, but quickly falls under the influence of its contents, her struggles growing weak before she, too, drops to the floor, passed out and sprawled.
Cammie slides up behind an unsuspecting Becky, tapping her shoulder then firing a hard hooked punch across her face, dropping the brunette to the ground with a single punch.  Ivy and Danielle stand watch, but facing the wrong way. A shoulder tap alerts them to Cammie’ presence, but a double punch sends them crashing to the ground, knocked out and sprawled.
In the next scenario, Cammie sneaks up on Danielle from behind, wrapping a cord around her neck, strangling her and making her eyes bug open wildly.  Quickly, lack of oxygen makes the blonde sentry drop to the ground, her eyes fluttering shut.  Cammie then sneaks behind Becky, using a billy club and cracking it across the unsuspecting brunette’s skull. Becky drops to her knees, half conscious, in the perfect position for another swipe of the club, the impact knocking her to the ground, out cold.  Cammie then sidles up behind Ivy, spinning her and catching her in a crushing bearhug.  The lithe beauty struggles and twists, trying to break the grip, but the lack of air makes it impossible to keep her strength.  Slowly her rolling eyes flutter shut and she slumps to the ground.
In the final scenario, the trio of sentries stand side by each, seemingly ready for anything. Cammie silently pads up behind them, armed with a can of knockout spray. She unleashes the gas across their faces, sending the girls crashing to their knees, lined up beside each other. Cammie then takes aim, kicking each in the face brutally, knocking each in turn to the floor, knocked out cold. Standing tall over them, she strikes another victory pose.
Cammie then stalks through the room, alone, wondering where her training agents have gone. The girls rush her from behind, Becky grabbing her in a bearhug as they gloat, planning their revenge.  Releasing her, Becky fires a brutal shot into her face, making her stumble and stagger into Danielle’s waiting arms. Danielle hooks a hard right across her face, propelling her into Ivy, who takes aim and cracks her across the jaw with a devastating hook.  Cammie staggers, out on her feet before crashing to the ground, as they girls’ mock her, flexing and posing, winners at the end.

In the 2nd video, Jacquelyn Velvets is stalking a nervous Fantasy, who is not at all sure about this neck snapping business. Jacquelyn sneaks up behind her, wrapping her head quickly into a sleeper hold, trash talking as she takes control. Fantasy’s eyes roll and bug as she struggles, sinking to the ground. Checking to see if she’s passed out, Jacquelyn flops her arm. Satisfied, she then wrenches her neck hard, snapping her neck and sending her sprawling, knocked out.
In the next scene, Jacquelyn uses a chop to the neck to drop Fantasy to her knees, stunned.  Not wasting any time, Jacquelyn grabs her by the head and chin, twisting violently and cracking her neck.  Indulging in some limp play she leaves Fantasy with arms crossed.
Next, Jacquelyn is on the phone, unaware that Fantasy is stalking her from behind. Whipping out a taser, Fantasy shocks Jacquelyn in the neck, making her twitch and spasm before she drops to the ground. Ready for some revenge, Fantasy slides down behind her, wrapping her head in a neck scissors, making Jacquelyn thrash and struggle, her legs kicking wildly as her eyes cross and roll back into her head.  With a heft of her hips, Fantasy wrenches the hold hard, snapping Jacquelyn’s neck and sending her into dreamland. Fantasy checks her eyes, seeing the whites and then flops Jacquelyn around, leaving her laying.
In the next scene Jacquelyn waits, unsuspecting as Fantasy sneaks up behind her, chopping her in the neck.  Jacquelyn drops to the ground, her eyes going wide before Fantasy claws her neck with a nerve pinch, making her squeal in pain. Soon her eyes are rolling, the whites flashing until her eyelids flutter shut. With a final coup de grace, Fantasy wrenches her head around, the sickening crack of bones signaling that her neck has snapped again, sending her sprawling to the ground.
In the next scene, Fantasy is speaking on the phone when she is surprised by Jacquelyn, armed with a length of cord. Wrapping it around Fantasy’s neck, Jacquelyn strangles her, cackling as Fantasy’s eyes bulge and cross, sputtering for air. Her face goes red as she sinks to the ground, finally passing out, and her arms like lead weights. Jacquelyn finishes her off with a brutal neck snap, leaving her sprawled on the floor.
In the next scene, Fantasy stands unaware as Jacquelyn rushes her from behind, crashing into her and sending her thudding into the floor. Pouncing like a cat, she’s on top of her instantly, quickly snapping her neck with a violent twist of her head, leaving Fantasy lying still. Checking on her with some limp play, Jacquelyn drags her over, playing with her limp body
Next, Jacquelyn stands facing us as Fantasy sneaks up on her, putting her into a powerful sleeper hold, mercilessly cinching the hold in as Jacquelyn’s eyes roll hard back into her head, her face reddening.  Twisting the hold, Fantasy cracks her neck, sending Jacquelyn sprawling to the ground, limp and lifeless.
In the last scene, Jacquelyn sneaks up on Fantasy, tapping her on the shoulder only to deliver a hard right cross to her jaw, spinning her in place before Fantasy crashes to the floor.  Not wasting time, Jacquelyn pounces, wrapping her neck into a wicked neck scissors, cinching the hold in tight, making Fantasy sputter and squeal, her eyes rolling as her face goes red. Checking her eyes, we see the whites easily before Jacquelyn flops her onto her stomach, climbing over her to put her in a camel clutch, wrenching her head as she dangles helplessly.  Fantasy crashes to the ground, done, as Jacquelyn stands over her with a victory pose.

Three On One
Sleeper Holds
Billy Clubs
Crossed Eyes
Rolling Eyes
Multiple Knockouts
Bathing Suits
Bear Hug
Knockout Spray
Head Kicking
Ping Pong Punch
Neck snapping
Sleeper Hold
Camel Clutch
Face Punching
Rolled Eyes
Crossed Eyes
Neck Chops
Nerve Pinch


Length: 21 min
Price: 18.99