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This edition of the Sentry Girls series fades in to the gorgeous Cinder gazing down upon Lila and Freya, masked and out cold. Cinder murmurs that ‘this was easy, there’s more of them’ before stalking off camera.

Sentries Lila and Freya are decimated in true sentry girls fashion. Cinder brings a unique, innocent sadism to the table of this tried and true clip that raises the bar just when we thought it was at its limit.

Both Freya and Lila are punished over and over again at the (gloved) hands of Cinder, who is clearly enjoying the training she’s performing. Cinder makes no pause when both sentries beg, plead and whine for their lives, looking them right in the eye before sending them out permanently. Cinder is careful to perform pulse checks before departing a scene…there’s no use leaving a clone behind with one beating.

Following some scintillating and slow as well as rapid fire deaths, this clip wraps with ‘security camera’ footage of the clones physical positions after they’ve expired.


neck snaps
foot choke neck snaps
various gun shots (pistol, rifle, laser)
pulse checks
hand over mouth smothers
single arm sleepers
arm triangle
strangulation with hand
throat lift strangulation
POV (point of view) gun shots
face kick


Length: 10 min

Price: 7.99