We fade in on agents Eve Avon and Luna being told that they are to duke it out in a VR competition in order to see who gets promoted throughout the agency’s ranks.  What follows is an amazing back and forth sneak attack fest (shot outdoors), with each lady taking turns trying to outdo the other’s performance.  In the end, both ladies are commended for their efforts and given promotions…only to have to suffer a final double KO in order to exit the Virtual Reality battle!


sleeper hold KOs
OTS carry
multiple neck snap finishers
twitching / convulsing
double foot smother KO
nerve pinches
schoolgirl pin / chokeout KO
multiple tranquilizer shots to a KO
double tranquilizer shot KO
pressure point sole press KOs
garrote chokeout KOs (tongue protrusion)
solar plexus punch KOs
drugged syringe KO
tazer attacks
tazer to the temple KO
post KO tazer attack
final sleepy gas KO
(multiple alternate takes and outtakes)



Length: 30 min

Price: 21.99