We fade in on the evil SK telling one of his top agents (Sinn Sage) that if she can somehow sneak attack and defeat Wonder-Saya in a series of virtual reality scenarios…even if it’s just ONCE, she’ll receive a promotion and lead her team on a real attack on the pesky superheroine!   Agent Sage happily accepts.

What follows is a series of earnest attempts from Sinn to take out the beautiful Wonder-Saya…each attempt failing miserably and ending in a KO’ed SInn Sage!!!

After multiple losses, Sinn FINALLY scores a win by using WOnder-Saya’s lasso of truth on her and discovering that CHLOROFORM is a major weakness (scene inspired directly by the WW episode “Fausta”).  She doses a rag and asks Saya if the chloroform will keep her unconscious.  Saya weakly says “yes” and is put to sleep by the determined agent…leading to a win…and her promotion!


failed bearhug
elbow strike
jab to the face KO
limb checks
triple karate chop KO
failed blackjack attack
multiple blackjack strike KO
butt in the air KO
neck pinch KO
sleepy spray failed attack
Wonder-Saya inhales the sleeping gas
Saya blows the gas into Sinn’s face for the KO
floor sleeping gas KO
victory poses
elbows to the gut
wall face slam
multiple belly blows
solar plexus KO
leg drops to the belly KO
multiple angles
judo flip
syringe attack KO
syringe to the butt KO
garotte choke out
tongue protrusion
failed tranq attack
multiple tranquilizer attack KO
hypnosis attack
self punchout KO
forced faint
run into the wall insta-KO
lasso of truth trap
chloroform KO
Wonder-Saya’s body disappears…


Length: 20 min

Price: 17.99