(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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The aftermath of Dakota Charms and Tilly McReese tearing each other apart is a set of unconscious matchbooked babes as they lean against the wall. We go back several hours to the beginning of their bout to see Dakota wrapped in Tillly’s sleeperhold. Dakota frantically taps and beseeches Tilly, but she’s having none of it. Tilly performs jerking twists to bring Dakota back and prevent any possum play. Dakota goes out for the count and Tilly gets on top to perform a reverse facesit to smother her foe out and leave her twitchy. Tilly flexes in dominance as she scores the first fall. Later on, Dakota returns the favor with her own sleeperhold that slowly puts Tilly out. Jerking twists make sure that Tilly is seeing stars, then Dakota mounts her face for a frontal facesit that puts her out of commission.

The next round sees Tilly force Dakota against the wall for numerous belly blows. Entranced by the moment, Dakota begins digging into her panties and pleasuring herself as Tilly rips into her stomach. Seeing Dakota having too much fun, Tilly whips her to the floor and punishes her further with countless belly splashes. With Dakota rocked senseless, Tilly gets in nice and close and begins stroking her cat for her. Dakota moans in ecstasy as she’s gone full submissive from the beatdown and stroking put on her. Tilly switches things up by locking a triangle choke on Dakota and urging her to grind the mats to get  herself off. To dial the intensity even higher, Tilly squeezes harder on the neck, causing Dakota to moan with every cinch. When enough fun has been had, Tilly squeezes her adversary out cold, then flips her over to reveal a pleasurably KO’d Dakota with her tongue poking out. Tilly places a foot on her stomach as she flexes, claiming the W for the round.

When Dakota recovers she gets her payback by laying into Tilly’s midsection with seemingly infinite belly blows. Tilly begins to stroke herself as she can no longer contain her intentions and Dakota continues to deliver belly punches. Before Tilly can get off she’s thrown the mats and Dakota pursues with endless belly splashes. Dakota offers the same treatment as she strokes Tilly into a sexual stupor, causing her to coo and writhe in arousal. Next comes the triangle choke as Tilly’s strangled between Dakota’s legs and she grinds the mats between squeezes. Forcing Tilly’s head into her groin, Dakota has a bit too much fun, getting off till she’s unconscious from pleasure. Dakota manages to regain her wit and finds Tilly loyally worshipping as she gets herself off. She puts Tilly to sleep with consecutive squeezes, then flips her unconscious form over. Shen then poses victoriously over her lover with a foot planted into her belly.

Now it’s your turn to enter the battle as you catch both ladies back turned with shots to the spine from your silenced pistol. Both goddesses begin grinding the mats as they lie facedown, lost in limbo between pain and pleasure. They twerk endlessly and you plug them simultaneously from special angles, causing their asses to thrust into the air as they moan. You mix in shots to the groin to keep going before one shot to many leaves them motionless. A flip of their legs spells the end for them as they don’t respond to the touch and their session comes to a close.


Matchbook KO poses
Sleeperhold KOs
Reverse facesitting KO
Frontal facesitting KO
Belly punching
Belly splashes KOs
Caressing + fingering
Triangle choke KOs
Mat grinding
Dakota fellatio KO
Tranquilizer pistol dual KOs
KO’d twerking
Foot-on-chest victory poses
Tongue protrusion
First-person PoV
Limb checks
Twitching / convulsing
Extra provocative KO poses!


Length: 42 min
Price: 39.99