(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)



We open with Anne Marie in a bathrobe letting us know she’s about to take on Saya for the first time, and is confidant in a complete victory. To show why, she strips out of the bathrobe to reveal her pink bikini, flexing and posing to show us her power and strength.
Saya, having overheard this, shows off as well, stripping down to her own red bikini, claiming that such a thing would never happen, flexing and posing to show off her own exquisite body.
The match will be a best-of-seven falls match, and as an extra stipulation, Saya suggests whoever wins gets to pose over the other to show off their modeling skills. Anne agrees to this readily, as the two square off against each other.  Saya shoves Anne back only for Anne to swing a wild haymaker that crashes into Saya’s jaw!
Crashing over to the wall, Saya wobbles as Anne approaches, mocking, only to take a punch to the face of her own, spinning her around and stumbling.  Angered, Anne rushes in with a knee lift to Saya’s belly, dropping her to her knees, before firing two more knees into Saya’s face, sending her crashing down to the mat.  Not letting up, Anne crawls over Saya and wraps her head in an inverted head scissors, Saya’s face grimacing as she struggles under Anne, eyes rolling and fluttering as Anne tightens her thighs.  At last her eyelids flutter shut and a soft snore escapes her lips before Anne lifts herself off, seeing Saya knocked out below her.  Anne places a foot on Saya’s mouth, smothering the unconscious combatant as she calls out a ten-count pin. Picking up the first pinfall, Anne poses over Saya smugly
In round two, Saya goes on the offensive, kicking Anne in the belly before throwing her against the wall, firing a stiff set of belly punches into Anne’s exposed tummy. A few punches to Anne’s face send her to her knees, eyes crossed, giving Saya a chance to repay her for the knee lifts into the face, rocking Anne’s world. Still conscious, Anne wobbles as Saya hauls her up to her feet to deliver a stunning suplex, bouncing Anne’s back off the mat. Pressing the attack she picks Anne up in a scoop and slams her back down, Anne’s eyes crossing with the impact. Then another, before yanking her back up to deliver a brutal kick to the face. Anne flies back and folds over, ass high in the air, perfectly positioned for a butt-slapping 10-count pin. Getting even, Saya presses her foot into Anne’s mouth, smothering her as she takes her victory pose
In round three, a vengeful Anne immediately scoops Saya up for a crushing bearhug, the girls grunting as Saya is swung left and right, flailing in Anne’s grip while she cinches in the hold. Saya struggles, but slowly her eyes begin to flutter shut, so Anne scoops her up for a suplex as well as paying her back for the scoop slams, throwing Saya to the mat three times before yanking her into a double foot smother. Saya fades out quickly, going limp and folding over.  Anne flips her onto her back, pressing her foot into Saya’s mouth to pick up another victory, complete with posing over her fallen opponent.
In round for Saya goes on the attack yanking Anne into a devastating Sister Abigail, laying Anne out on the mat, twitching from the impact. Saya doesn’t let up, diving in for a series of belly splashes that explodes the air from Anne’s lungs, then hauling her up for two brutal tombstone piledrivers!  She then straddles Anne, placing her feet right over Anne’s mouth, smothering her, making Anne flail and writhe as she struggles for breath, her eyes crossing until she finally fades out, giving the ten-count to Saya
In round five, Anne starts with a low blow, followed up by a snap suplex and two devastating tombstone piledrivers that leave Saya twitching, only to be scooped up for a walking scoop slam the another tombstone piledriver, laying Saya out. Not satisfied, Anne hauls the near catatonic brunette to her feet only to drop her again with a pedigree, leaving Saya twitching on the mat.  Anne slaps her awake only to plant her feet over her mouth, sitting on her belly as Saya struggles under her until she goes still, giving Anne another win and victory pose.
As Anne prematurely celebrates her “win” Saya sneak attacks from behind with a low blow, followed up with a scoop for a tombstone. This time, Anne manages to reverse the hold, dropping Saya hard on her head, laid out on the mat. Anne straddles her, applying pressure to Saya’s neck with her feet, making Saya’s eyes roll and flutter as she twitches.  Finally she releases to hold, planting a foot on Saya’s mouth for a pinfall count, but Saya is still conscious, so a frustrated Anne simply delivers a series of brutal kicks to Saya’s face, knocking her out cold.  For extra humiliation, Anne folds Saya up over herself, ass high in the air to count out with her foot on Saya’s mouth. Another win and victory pose for Anne

Face Punching
Belly Punching
Knee Lifts
Body Splashing
Tombstone Piledrivers
Body Slams
Foot Smothering
Eye Crossing
Eye Rolling
Face Kicking


Length: 24 min
Price: 19.99