(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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Length: 97 min

Price: 29.99

Starring Sapphire, Cameron, and Sumiko!


CLIP # 1: originally released as “BABYFACE RAGDOLL parts 2 and 3”

The lovely Sumiko starts off in tight jeans and a bikini top, delivering a promo while Sapphire sneaks in behind her for a sudden series of KO attacks that eventually lead to Sumiko becoming an unresponsive, KO’ed plaything! We even get Cameron playing a “photographer” in segment two, adding to the humiliation as the devastated Sumiko gets put in hold after hold, finisher after finisher…until she’s finally and mercifully allowed to sleep…for what might be a few days!Ladies and gents: we kid you not when we say this is the BEST ragdoll pro video we’ve EVER done, and quite possibly one of the best EVER.


Completely limp victim
limb play
eye checks
arm checks
belly blows
fisherman’s neckbreaker KOs
sleeper hold KOs
Full Nelson/Masterlock KOs
Puffed cheeks
Face down/Face up dead falls
Spread Eagled KOs
Cobra Clutch
Ab stretches
Reverse Bearhugs
Massive belly punches
Wall punches
Face punches
Belly stomps
OTS carry
POV limb checks
Widow’s Peak
face manipulation
Sapphire Bomb
Belly Splashes
Chickenwing Guilltoine
Torture rack
Camel Clutch
Standing Dragon Sleeper
Wall Splash KO
Fireman’s Carry
Belly Buster
Heart Punch
Pump Handle Slam
Figure four leglock


CLIP # 2: originally released as “SAPPHIRE AND BRIMSTONE: THE PARTNER”

Well ladies and gents, here it is…one of the hardest fought battles we’ve seen in recent years here at SKW. So far the SAPPHIRE AND BRIMSTONE series has brought you one-sided ordeals between Sapphire and (insert victim’s name here)…but this challenge proves to be a welcome change to the mix. After all, what else would you expect when the Latina titan has to tangle with the likes of Cameron, a new wrestler whose very own battles usually end with a one-sided victory?

The rules here are simple: NHB, no DQ, with the first 5 count pin scoring the win. We begin with an obvious approach as Saphire takes control, trapping Cameron in a harsh arm-wringer. Seconds later, however, the young powerhouse flips in the air and reverses the attack, leaving Sapphire no choice but to launch elbows at her opponent’s face to get loose!

Sapphire regains control nailing belly blows, a snap mare, powerful leg drops, and two pump handle slams to achieve a KO. Cameron barely kicks out, however, leaving a shocked Sapphire to continue her onslaught. A piledriver KO follows, with a boston crab added to wake the dazed Cameron from her nap. A camel clutch sleeper achieves another knockout, but Sapphire’s not quite done. She nails a powerful PEDIGREE KO on Cameron, a move so harsh it should have won the match, but here’s where Sapphire makes her biggest mistake of the fight…

Instead of going for a pin, Sapphire stomps Cameron until she’s conscious and goes to launch her against the wall, but the determined blonde reverses the toss, slamming Sapphire so hard into the studio’s side that it leaves a massive HOLE in the plaster (no joke, people…this is gonna cost me some $$$!). Moments later, Sapphire is trapped in a camel clutch…a move we haven’t seen anyone slap on her, well…ever (?)!. Cameron launches several stomps, with Sapphire trying to reverse with a spear. Cameron steps aside, however, launching a knee into Sapphire’s gut that literally flips her in the air! It’s now Cameron’s turn to apply a sleeper on Sapphire (!), one that eventually knocks the usually dominant lady out…leaving her open to two amazing suplexes from Cameron, a brutal body splash, a stunner KO, and a hardcore bearhug attack that nearly puts Sapphire out!

With the strength she has left, Sapphire attacks with a double chop to Cameron’s neck, barely making her way up in time to deliver a suplex of her own, leading to a enzuigirl face kick reversal, and a near pin attempt. Cameron manages to take control on the weakened Sapphire, however, nailing a sidewalk slam that nearly gets her the win. Sapphire reverses again, returning the sidewlak slam favor, and now both ladies are nearly out on their feet…both going for a clothesline that leaves two bodies wheezing on the mats!

Sapphire, her body in pure pain, somehow manages to lock the weakened Cameron up for a Fisherman’s Neckbreaker that results in a near pin count. Angry but completely drained, Sapphire slowly stands Cameron up and delivers a high flyng choke slam KO. Another pin count nearly does it, but Cameron kicks out…leaving Sapphire enraged, bewildered, and completely exhausted.

“Fine..” she mutters. “you want it your way?”

Sapphire finally traps Cameron in her fatal SAPPHIRE BOMB…and the result is a total lights-out for the lovely Cameron. Sapphire applies a Spanish Press pin and makes it a point to count to ten before declaring her win. She walks away from the rookie and then stops, thinking it over.

A second later we see something astonishing: Sapphire gently helping Cameron up and complimenting her on her performance. Out of the blue she asks Cameron to be her tag-team partner, and a demolished Cameron forgets her pain as she happily accepts, leaning on her new partner as she is helped off the mats.

Seconds later, the sounds of over a dozen other SKW ladies quaking in their boots at the idea of these two ladies forming a team is heard across 5 states!