(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


SAPPHIRE TAKES ON SINN SAGE, SUMIKO, and BAUNFIRE in a 3 on 1 gauntlet match!

SKW champ Sapphire has her work cut out for her in this intense handicap battle!  If she manages to defeat the girls in single falls, she gets two go against them all in a final bonus round!

Here’s the breakdown:

ROUND ONE:  Sumiko evades Sapphire and traps her in a standing crucifix/pin attempt.  She ducks two clotheslines and nails a standing dropkick and follows up with a flying neckscissors takedown, followed by handstand wall splashes, an AMAZING power bomb swing out reversal takedown, and a brutal CODE RED that leads to a near win for Sumiko!   Sapphire barely kicks out and walks into another neckscissors takedown…but Sapphire grips Sumiko and drops her with a huge side slam that takes the wind out of the smaller Japanese fighter.  Sapphire is now PISSED, and takes it out on Sumiko with TWO BACK TO BACK CHOKE SLAMS, a wall splash, a TOMBSTONE piledriver KO, a POWER BOMB KO, and a SAPPHIRE BOMB KO for the finish!!  She goes for the pin, and Sumiko’s tag partners have to carry her body off to a corner!

ROUND TWO: Sinn Sage grapples with Sapphire and takes control with a knee to the gut and a sudden DDT that dazes the champ!  Sinn follows up, going for a near pin, belly splashes, a running bulldog KO, a second near pin, and one of her trademark reverse neckscissors for yet another KO on Sapphire!  She goes for the pin but Sapphire kicks out again.  Sinn goes for a brutal clothesline but Sapphire ducks and attacks with a tight sleeper hold!!   Sinn has no choice but to pass out, but Sapphire is far from done.  She nails a CHOKE SLAM KO, a pump handle slam KO, a piledriver KO, and a SAPPHIRE BOMB for the pin!  Baunfire drags her partner’s body to the corner as we fade to…

ROUND THREE: Amazonian powerhouse Baunfire starts of strong, taking advantage of Sapphire’s exhaustion to attack with her OWN choke slam KO and a near pin!  Sapphire kicks out and Baunfire nails a brutal PILEDRIVER on the champ but cannot get the pin!   She goes for a second piledriver, but Baunfire finds herself in mid air as Sapphire reverses it and lands a REVERSE PILEDRIVER on Baunfire!!   Tired but enraged, Sapphire attacks, picking the 6’1 Baunfire up for a TOMBSTONE KO!  Sapphire is beyond tired…but manages to get up, and delivers a final SAPPHIRE BOMB on her much taller foe!  Baunfire is OUT COLD, but Sapphire sits her up and makes sure with a short and sweet sleeper hold KO!   She goes for the pin…and wins the round!


All three ladies are on the ground, groaning in pain, as Sapphire goes for her final, destructive barrage.  She proceeds to take each girl out with THREE BACK TO BACK PILEDRIVER KOs!!   She drags her victims next to each other and goes for her final 1 on 3 pin!


(includes outtakes)


Length: 27 min

Price: 16.99