Doublecross after doublecross. Power-move after unbelievable power-move. All leading to a devastating finale. These are just a few of the traits this “freakin’ amazing” battle calls its own, and it all starts with a simple scene: A solitary Alex works out, stretching away as she waits for her tag team partner Devon…expecting the daily workout they’ve made a tradition for over a year. We suddenly see Devon walk in with Sapphire, who Devon explains (to a confused and angered Alex) is her NEW tag-team partner! Infuriated, the smaller Korean beauty launches a snap kick that Sapphire EASILY grabs, laughing along with Devon at the outnumbered lady’s silly attempt…until a sudden spinning enzuigirl kick to Sapphire’s head sends her flying to the mats!!! Not sure what just happened, Devon rushes to her partner’s aid…only to take a standing crucifix from Alex. The girl tries valiantly to hold her advantage, but as Sapphire recovers and stomps Alex in the back, this suddenly turns into a 2 on 1-fest! Alex takes some BRUTAL attacks, including 2 on 1 body punches, back and forth elbow smashes to the face, a stunner KO, snap mare, two running snapmares, an amazing standing suplex, Devon’s patented Devon DDT, a killer Twist of Fate, Sapphire’s Pump-Handle SLAM, and an SKW FIRST (!!): A new two on one manuever simply called “The BodyBreaker” that will have you WINCING for Alex’s neck, back, legs…well…everything!!! And just when you thought the fun was over, Sapphire suddenly turns on Devon, getting back at her for the unfair defeat she suffered in RING AROUND THE LOSERS 2 (Click here to see what happened!). A sudden brutal clothesline leads to a painful SIDEWINDER SLAM (despite Devon’s attempt at a bearhug), which then gives way to Sapphire waking Alex up and offering the girl some payback of her own. Alex nervously agrees and both girls go to work on Devon, delivering multiple double legdrops, double splashes, and a forced body slam that lands Alex across Devon! As soon as Alex begins celebrating, however, Sapphire snap mares her to the mats and delivers a running drop kick that sends Alex flying. Turns out the powerful Sapphire needs ZERO help in the butt-kicking department, and what started as a simple change of partners for one girl turns into a 1 on 2 squash! Sapphire goes to town, delivering TWO side-by-side running snap-mares, TWO unbelievable double legdrops, and the grand finale: A Widow’s Peak on Alex that leads to the KO’ed girl splashing across Devon! A simple foot on Alex’s back and a 3-count leads to Sapphire as the winner of this impromptu match, leaving Devon and Alex seriously rethinking their partnership!

Length: 14 min, 20 sec

Price: $12.99