We’ve all seen Sapphire plow through the competition like a dumptruck through a nitroglycerin plant, but we’ve never seen anything quite like this. Aside from the fact that this match brings the lovely JACKSON back to our fold, the battle itself is one of the most vicious one-sided squashes we’ve ever SEEN, with Jackson finding out (the HARD way) who the new resident bad-ass at SKW is…and why her previous matches against the likes of women like Jessle and Helen Von Mott were a walk in the park compared to the beatdown handed out by everyone’s favorite Latina heel!! To her credit, Jackson starts the battle off with some impressive moves, landing a hard Enzuigirl kick to Sapphire’s face and following it up with a spinning/flying neckscissors takedown. This sets Sapphire up for a brutal standing reverse leg drop (as seen very recently on a certain Federation’s Monday Night show!) that slams Sapphire to the mats and ALMOST allows for a 10 count win…one that would have surely ranked as one of the biggest upsets in SKW history. Sapphire kicks out, however, and as Jackson tosses her to the wall the throw is reversed by Sapphire, who slams Jackson with a running wall splash that leaves the young dancer sprawled on the mats! What follows, as always, is a one-sided devastation…but this one goes on for almost 15 minutes, folks…and any move you can think of is probably in there, used by Sapphire as the ultimate pathway to vengeance for that near fall! Included are: Belly blows, choke, swinging fisherman’s neckbreaker KO, mutliple legdrops, multiple belly splashes, hairpulling, Widow’s Peak KO, extreme camel clutch/face attack, extreme boston crab, pump handled slam KO, double leg-legdrop, suplex, THREE piledrivers, leglocks, standing surfboard, faceplant drop KO, 2 running snapmares KO, torture rack backbreaker, torture rack drop KO, stunner KO, Sapphire Bomb KO, flying body dropkick KO, reverse back breakers-to reverse DDT KO, POWER BOMB KO…and a final move so brutal you have to see it to believe it: Sapphire picks the lovely jobber up for what appears to be a regular piledriver…only to leap into the air and come crashing down on her rear, SPIKING Jackson’s head into the mat!!! Jackson falls into a full dancer’s split…out cold and completely defeated…and all that’s left is a final 10 count pin to seal the deal. This is truly the baddest we’ve ever seen Sapphire get when it comes to destroying a jobber…and despite the brutality she must endure, Jackson hasn’t looked and performed this amazingly in quite some time!

(Match comes with 5 minutes of extra footage, including multiple versions of the final KO piledriver!)

Length: 21 min, 05 sec

Match is app. 14 min, 43 sec long with over 5 minutes of alternate takes and bloopers!

Price: $13.99