This mini-trilogy comes to a (supposed) end…with Serena being the only girl to purposefully challenge Sapphire twice…a decision that led to two brutal squash-fests with Serena on the losing end of both! But now it seems that the blonde fighter has come to her senses as she speaks to the fans about what a big mistake it was to take SKW’s most powerful wrestler on in the past. She mentions never wanting to face her again, and expresses how happy she is to take on a new “mystery opponent”…one that, as it turns out, looks, sounds, and moves just like Sapphire! We see the Lethal Latina emerge from the shadows as Serena begs for mercy. One kick to the gut and a massive fisherman’s suplex later and Serena is out for the count, sparking off Sapphire’s last big squash thrill with the blonde jobbergirl. Among the tortures Serene must endure: Leg drops, over the knee backbreaker KO, belly blows, DDT KO, torture rack backbreaker/airplane spin KO, multiple face punches, right-hook to the jaw KO, double heart punch KO, two piledriver KOs, and a final TOMBSTONE piledriver KO that Serena practically begs for! Sapphire ends it all by standing the unconscious Serena up and taunting her before letting her tumble back onto the mats, out cold and defeated for a third and (let’s all pray) final time! Fans of old school squashes and the Sapphire and Brimstone series: This one’s for you!

Length: 9 min, 38 sec

Price: $7.99