After claiming that her first loss to Sapphire was due to the heel’s cheating, Serena demands a rematch with the powerful Latina. This time the match starts off clean, with both girls on equal ground. Serena even manages to floor Sapphire with a surprise knee to the gut…but she then makes the fatal mistake of bragging to the camera as Sapphire starts to recover. One sudden axe handle blow to the back is all it takes to drop Serena and set her up for a sudden swinging neckbreaker KO! After that it’s curtains for our lovely blonde warrior as Sapphire dispenses some serious punishment! Among the finishers Serena suffers are a massive standing neckbreaker, DDT KO, double heart punch KO, torture rack backbreaker to push-off slam, sleeper hold KO, figure four neck scissors KO, and a final THREE IN A ROW piledriver barrage that leaves Serena completely out and prone to a 10 count pin that Sapphire seems almost bored to perform! Fans of old fashioned squashes and KOs: This is the clip for you!

Length: app 11 min, 39 sec

Price: $9.99