You know the story.  Girl comes to SKW.  Girl talks smack about The Machine.  The Machine shows up and destroys his detractor!  Only this time it’s the beautiful SAHRYE who gets to meet (and lose to) the masked man whose real identity remains a total mystery!!!   Sahrye starts off in a luchadora mask of her own, only to get taken out, unmasked, and completely annihilated! The lovely Latina delivers one hell of a jobber performance, taking tons of brutal moves and finishers until The Machine finally decides to put her down and out the night!

(Note:  PILEDRIVER FANS…there are TONS of ‘em in this vid!)


opening piledriver KO!
narration from Jacquelyn Velvets
tombstone piledriver KO
twitching /convulsing
sleeper hold KO
multiple piledriver KOs
mask smother KO
multiple tombstone piledriver KOs
camel clutch
double handed chokeout
belly blows against the wall
second unmasked sleeper KO
ragdolling, face squeezing
fake pins
figure four leglock
blows to the face
uppercut KO
MORE piledrivers and tombstones
neck chop KO
small package piledriver KO
final pin


Length:  17 min

Price: 14.99