Rapture’s longtime absence from SKW is suddenly cut off with this downright amazing “short film”…one that pits the lovely Asian fighter against (what seems to be) the daintiest of opponents: a snotty ballet dancer! As Rapture enters the SKW dojo she notices Eliza the Dancer in the middle of her routine on the floor, even though her time is supposed to be up. Rapture politely tells Eliza that she needs to clear out, since the rented room is now hers for the hour. Eliza smiles as she tells Rapture how much more imprtant her upcoming recital is, and asks if Rapture is gonna “do something about it” should she decide to refuse the command to leave. Rapture confidently states that the little girl WILL get hurt if she doesn’t give the fighter her space, and Eliza finally seems to back off…that is, until Rapture turns her back to grab her workout bag. A sudden chokehold is wrapped around the martial artist’s neck as Eliza delivers the classic line: “You think cause I’m a dancer, I can’t start some s***?” “You don’t wanna do this…” is Rapture’s single warning. Eliza remains defiant, but a backhand blow and massive kick to the face later, the dancer is on the ground favoring her injured jaw. What follows next is a non-stop flurry of action-film style punches, kicks, and back and forth combat that begs the question: “How the hell does a ballet dancer know karate?”. Either way, the fight will leave you floored…even as it culminates in a brutal maneuver that leaves one girl with a broken arm (ouch!)…one that is suddenly “fixed” when her attacker “breaks” it back into place! After that, it’s curtains for one girl via a brutal roundhouse kick to the face KO. An over the shoulder carry removes the unconscious girl’s body from the mats as the winner finally gets the room all to herself… This is one we’re sure you’ll all be raving about for years to come!

Length: 7 min, 50 sec

Price: $5.99