We fade in on a very boastful Roni Jonah giving SK a rundown on how easily she’s about to beat her opponent…the one and only Alex! As the raven-haired pro tells SK how talented and unbeatable she is, Alex sneaks up and pounces, locking on a surprise piggy back sleeper hold that slowly wears Roni down…and eventually leaves her out cold! What follows is a rare one-sided bash with Alex dispensing the KOs on her bigger and more experiences opponent. Roni suffers extended trips to dreamland via neck pinch, figure four neckscissors, temple drill, cobra clutch, seated reverse bearhug, and a final bodyscissor/kiss of death front sleeper that sends Roni to her final eyeroll-filled knockout! Fans of eyerolls, dramatic KOs, and one-sided losses are destined to put this one in their top ten lists…and with talents like Roni and Alex delivering the goods, this one may make it to number one!

Length: 15 min, 24 sec

Price: $13.99