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ROBBERY *only available on PPV!*

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Length: 35 min

Price: $24.99

Starring: Angelina, Laticia, and Sleeperkid

It’s the most common of scenarios…with a mind blowing sibling twist! As the lovely teen Angelina sleeps the night away, a mysterious cat burglar (played by her sister Laticia) breaks into her apartment and proceeds to ransack the place, not knowing that she’s just stirred the young owner from her slumber. Not knowing that Angelina is closing in behind her, infuriated at the intrusion.
“Who the f**k are you?” is the girl’s demanding question, as Laticia gets up, startled, searching through her pocket book frantically…only to pull out a small bottle of knockout spray she keeps…just in case.
Thus begins a wild back and forth all KNOCKOUTS battle, with both sisters fighting to stay on top as they go through a bundle of KO tactics to destroy each other. Sleeper holds, scissors, choke outs, chloroform KOs, a stunning double KO, and much more grace this amazingly rendered story, with an ending worthy of the KO record books!

Both girls are truly amazing, and the action is brutal and furious as the KOs just keep on coming!

For fans of constant and slowly rendered knockouts, eye rolling, and awesome sister vs. sister action, there’s no better title to own!