(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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The frizzy-haired, yet fiery Reagan makes her debut at SKW however, to her dismay, she won’t be facing any of the ladies on the roster. Instead The Machine makes it his pleasure to grant her her “rite of passage” and welcomes her with a plethora of back-targeting attacks that leave her writhing and eventually vanquished.

In the middle of her intro a forearm to her back introduces her to the dungeon’s signature blue mats before she’s set against the wall for a wealth of belly punches. The Machine then guides her to the center where he performs a backbreaker that transitions to a stretch giving him access to her shapely abs before giving her a moment of respite.

She’s then scooped up for a stalled bodyslam that has her clutching her lower back in agony. A second one plants her to the mats leaving her ripe for a foot choke that softens her up for a vertical suplex sending her crashing to the mats as her back receives further abuse. As she writhes the machine sees this as a prime time to lock in a persistent high-angled boston crab that has her crying before being released.

Reagan pleads before a camel clutch is locked in right in front of us. Her cries fall on deaf ears as the machine forces her to beg as she endures the harsh stretching. The back pain is accentuated with a bow and arrow stretch that has Reagan begging for freedom. A follow-up rocking chair stretch is executed before the machine stalks her for continued suffering.

She’s bent over her knee as a back breaker strains the durability of her lower back with the assist of a brief belly claw. She’s then scooped over the shoulders of the machine for a torture rack as she beeseches to be released. Another body slam splashes her to the mats as she cries and arches from the torment. An additional backbreaker stretch enforces more punishment to her back.

A seated surfboard stretch that transitions to a chinlock leaves her aching in despair, but the machine capitalizes on the opportunity with a high-angled surfboard to inflict additional damage. Fortunately for Reagan the machine decides it’s time to conclude the match as he performs a canadian backbreaker draining Reagan of whatever vitality she has left. Her demise is met with a nasty backbreaker to silence her cries as she flops lifelessly to the canvas. The machine concludes with a single leg hook 10-count pin before promising her a good time with the company before his exit.

Belly punching
Belly claws
Backbreaker stretches
Stalling body slams
Foot choke
Vertical suplex
High-angled boston crab
Camel clutch
Bow & arrow stretch
Modified backbreaker stretch
Torture rack
Rocking chair stretch
Seated surfboard stretch
Seated chinlock
Surfboard chinlock
Canadian backbreaker rack
Canadian backbreaker slam KO
Single leg hook 10-count pin


Length: 14 min
Price: 12.99