Daizi starts by giving a sweet interview about her upcoming match with Angelina, whom she’d previously defeated in an exclusive SKW photo battle. When Angelina comes in hiding boxing gloves behind her back, however, it’s clear to all involved that this is NOT gonna be a fair fight! Angelina unleases lefts and rights with the gloves, pummeling Daizi’s belly and finishing her off with a powerful UPPERCUT KO that leaves Daizi flattened and in Dreamland And then the gloves come off…. Angelina wakes Daizi up and gets some major revenge via leg nelson, camel cluch, body scissors/sleeper KO, single knee neck scissors choke KO, kick to the face KO, flatliner KO, stunner KO, figure four neckscissors KO, and a final pin and victory pose that leads to a bonus “alternate” take of one HECK of a face kick! This one’s vintage “heel” Angelina, folks: chock full of her trademark taunts and attitude. Order now!!

Length: 13 min

Price: $10.99