(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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Length: 49 min

Price: 29.99

Starring: Eliza, Sapphire, Roni Jonah, and Bobcat




Two of pro wrestling’s very best take each other one in a brutal back and forth pro match that ends with a double KO count out!!!

After some serious smack-talking, the ladie lock up for an EXTENDED test of strength and the battle begins!

(note: the first 6 minutes of this 33 minute battle consists of the trash-talking and the test of strength!)

Bobcat starts off by torturing Roni with a series of excruciating armlocks, arm torture, belly blows, chokes, camel clutch, surfboard, ab stretch. back breaker, a bearhug, and a figure four leglock that Roni REVERSES! Reclaiming her strength, Roni grabs some payback…torturing Bobcat’s back with stomps, nailing belly blows, a huge low blow, a headbutt, backbreaker, hangman, a double armlock, bearhug, body scissors, and a choke that suddenly turns into a double attack as Bobcat returns the favor.

Exhausted, the ladies squeeze and squeeze, switching up with body blows and a final double bearhug that leaves both ladies out cold and piled up against the other!


Whoever scores the most KOs and pinfalls between Eliza and Sapphire is to be considered the winner in this amazing matchup…one that not only displays Sapphire’s brutal power and skill but also surprises us with Eliza’s tenacity and tactics! Consider that the match opens with Eliza on top, wringing Sapphire’s left arm and flipping her to the mat as she snares her in a jujigitame armlock! After a reversal, the girls split up and Eliza strikes with two violent clotheslines that leads to a Rock Bottom on Sapphire! Eliza goes for the pin and scores…a feat unmatched by most of Sapphire’s previous opponents! Eliza continues her assault, nailing a standing crucifix that fades into an ab-stretch. After a brutal stunner, Sapphire is down and nearly out…and (gasp!!) Eliza scores another pinfall! Driven by her sudden success, Eliza goes for a suplex that Sapphire reverses with two snapmares and a stomp, leading to her very own suplex that connects, torturing Eliza’s back. Sapphire’s anger is evident as she lands a flying legdrop across Eliza’s body, adding an elbow drop and splash for emphasis. After a DOUBLE legdrop to Eliza’s belly, Sapphire goes for a pin, but the stubborn rookie kicks out. After a few more snapmares, we see something that’s hard to believe…Eliza nailing a surprise flying headscissors takedown on the usually dominant Sapphire! Eliza goes for the pin, but this time Sapphire kicks out. A certain fire erupts from the bruised Latina as she has, at this point, had ENOUGH of the little girl’s resistance.

She snares Eliza and drops her with a massive sidewalk slam that leaves Eliza dizzy and flattened on the mat. After that, Sapphire sets Eliza up and nails TWO running snapmares, achieving INSTANT knockouts with each one. With Eliza out cold on hte ground, Sapphire scores her first successfulpin, and what follows is what you’ve all been accustomed to when it comes to the BRIMSTONE series: A one-sided devastation that leaves Sapphire’s opponent destroyed for the final count! Included are: Double running snapmare KO, multiple pins, snapmares, stomps, belly punches, suplex/brainbuster KO, flying neckbreaker, sidewalk slam KO, sleeper hold KO, pump handled slam KO, massive belly splash, and more! Even Sapphire’s victory pose ends badly for Eliza as she uses the fallen girl’s belly as a stepping stone off the mats, leaving a broken opponent on the mats…and another notch on Sapphire’s win list!