We fade in on the beautiful and powerful Jordynne Grace after a quick wrestler intro.  She tells her fans that her upcoming match against Amanda Marie is destined to be a quick and easy one.  Amanda has zero ring experience, after all…and Jordynne’s at the top of her game!  We then fade in on a visibly nervous Amanda talking on the phone, a vial in her hand.  She’s acquired a special potion…one designed to give her abilities that might even the odds against Miss Grace.  She drinks it and stumbles, her eyes rolling as she suddenly collapses, unconscious.  She suddenly wakes up, however, her eyes wide…her lips forming a smile as she feels a wave of power hit her.  Confident, she stands up and gets ready for her match…

Fade in on Jordynne and Amanda, back to back…and the battle begins.  Jordynne taunts Amanda but her opponent seems unfazed.  Jordynne offers a generous test of strength, talking down to Amanda as they lock up.  Amanda seems to be losing the power struggle but suddenly laughs.  She stands and bends Jordynne’s wrists, much to Grace’s surprise!  The pro screams in pain as Amanda cackles.  The potion has granted Amanda super strength, and it’s a gift she uses with glee .  She knocks Jordynne out with a double arm straitjacket choke and proceeds to dominate the pro wrestler a single handed chokeout that has Jordynne’s feet hovering above the mats! Jordynne slowly fades and Amanda continues her torture.  She tosses Jordynne’s limp body around the mat room with ease, following up with huge snap mares and hip tosses that leave Jordynne disoriented and in a great deal of pain.  A head-vise squeeze quickly renders Jordynne unconscious yet again as Amanda smiles…her grin stretching ear to ear.  Amanda nails an uppercut that sends Jordynne flying.  She uses a single finger to pin Jordynne down, with Miss Grace trying like hell to get up with zero success.  A brutal face kick sends a KO’ed Jordynne flying yet again…only to land in an unconscious heap on the mats.

What happens next is beyond belief…as Amanda discovers a telekinetic ability within the potion.  She concentrates, closing her eyes, and we suddenly see Jordynne’s limp body stand by itself.  Amanda uses her powers to turn Jordynne into a sleeping marionette, forcing her to walk over as she awakens.  Jordynne tries to punch her way out of the spell but Amanda grabs her in a force choke and turns it into a sudden CHOKE SLAM that takes Jordynne out…without having to touch her!    Amanda forces to pro to wake up and does another hands-free move…this time spiking Jordynne with a telekinetic DDT!  She goes for the pin but refuses to finish the count…choosing instead to have more fun with the pro.

She stands Jordynne up and applies a double handed “force” choke…but we see Jordynne slowly pry the invisible hands apart…as a worried look spreads across Amanda’s face.  Panicked, Amanda goes for a punch but Jordynne catches her fist.  The potion, it appears, has worn off!!   Jordynne smiles as she realizes the situation, slamming fists into Amanda’s jaw and knocking the jobber out with a tight sleeper hold!   She follows her attack up with a brutal piledriver, a sit out power slam KO, a TOMBSTONE piledriver, and a final SIT DOWN SPIKED PILEDRIVER.  After a severely humiliating matchbook pin, Jordynne discovers the vial of potion in Amanda’s boot.

Jordynne smiles as she drinks it down.   She stumbles and passes out cold…only to suddenly awaken, feeling the new powers course through her veins.  She looks at her fallen opponent.  “This is about to get interesting” she says, laughing as she moves in for some MORE torture (camera fades to black)…


Length: 23 min

Price:  18.99