(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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Fantasy is in the middle of a bikini photoshoot with the dominant team of Crystal Fire and Miss Rachel entering the mat room to workout. The two parties get into a quarrel with Fantasy rudely dismissing them and it costs her dearly as the tag team decides to use her as their personal training dummy. Fantasy’s photographer, Mary gracefully bows out as Fantasy as trapped in their clutches and suffers a nice squish from the authoritative heels. Fantasy tries to plead her way out, but she’s silenced with Crystal’s single-handed choke and forced to endure a piledriver KO. Rachel follows up delivering her own to practice her form and another piledriver knocks Fantasy in a twitching heap.

The ladies hound Fantasy more and Crystal teases her with a hair stomp. A hair lift results in Fantasy being flipped upside down and spiked with a tombstone piledriver. Crystal wants to see Rachel’s rendition of the move and Fantasy suffers a teamwork tombstone that obliterates her. The team praise each other as Fantasy lies twitching. Crystal wants to demonstrate her finisher and slaps Fantasy awake before lifting her up directly from the mats and curls her into a plunging sapphire bomb KO. Crystal restrains the arms and Rachel delivers a huge leg drop that’s sure to crush a trachea. Crystal stirs Fantasy awake for more and the tag team switches roles. Rachel delivers an impactful sapphire bomb, then restrains the arms for Crystal’s quaking leg drop to Fantasy’s throat.

Fantasy is completely out of it until Crystal’s breast slaps shock her awake and Rachel sends her crashing into the mats with a spinebuster KO. A jumping splash from Crystal drives the air right out of Fantasy and keeps her immersed in dreamland. A role reversal leads to Crystal delivering a shattering spinebuster KO and Rachel completely squishing Fantasy with a jumping belly splash KO. Tickles and a belly claw startle Fantasy awake and the team continues bringing the pain with a teamwork sitout tombstone piledriver knockout. Fantasy is overcome with light spasms and Crystal startles her awake with nipple pinches. Crystal then hurls Fantasy up for another tombstone and a teamwork-based piledriver takes Fantasy out yet again.

Fantasy can barely recover from the heels’ beatdown, but is lifted to a stand and forced to endure a small package piledriver KO from Rachel. Crystal has a go at it herself and with Rachel’s assistance spikes Fantasy with another small package piledriver KO. Crystal and Fantasy rationalize their work via their earlier warnings to Fantasy reason their way to more unmerciful maneuvers. Rachel delivers a powerbomb that sends Fantasy crashing into the mats for a KO and Crystal delivers a sitout powerbomb of her own. The ladies get the groggy Fantasy to her feet for one more special move, then flip her backwards with a double big boot knockout. Fantasy ends up pinned with a leg team-based 20-count leg locking matchbook pin. To finalize their session they pose over the crushed Fantasy. Mary re-enters the room in a tizzy as she can’t believe what they just did to Fantasy. The tag team seemingly acquiesces to Mary’s demands, but they bait her into a double big boot KO that drops her onto Fantasy for a body pile and an unexpected end to their photoshoot.

Body squish
Piledriver KOs
Hair standing
Tombstone piledriver KO
Team tombstone piledriver KOs
Sapphire bomb KOs
Team leg drop KOs
Spinebuster KOs
Running belly splash KOs
Belly claw
Breast pinching
Small package piledriver KOs
Powerbomb KOs
Double big boot KOs
20-count team leg locking matchbook pin w/ spanking
Team victory pose
Body pile
Nip slip
Trash talk


Length: 17 min
Price: 17.99