In this amazing multi-fall battle, the lovely Pocahontas and Dakota Charms battle it out until there’s one woman left standing!

Here’s the breakdown:

(each round ends with a pin and victory pose…except for the double KO)

Round one:  Pocahontas dominates with belly punches, a sleeper hold KO, and some light ragdolling.

Round two: Dakota wins via a piggy back sleeper KO.

Round three: Pocahontas attacks with a devastating bearhug KO and gets the point.

Round four: Dakota attacks with a figure four leglock, a hip toss, and a brutal boot to the face KO!

Round five: Pocahontas dominates with arm-wringers, a belly buster, a neck scissors, and a final reverse neckscissors KO.

Round six: Dakota nails a face rake and uses chloroform to render Pocahontas unconscious!

Round seven:  The girls land dual clotheslines that knock them both out for a tie!

FINAL ROUND:  Dakota gets an early advantage via an X-Factor KO but Pocahontas kicks out of the pin.  Pocahontas then reverses the action and uses her OWN HAIR to choke Dakota out for the final KO!



Length: 14 min

Price: 12.99