(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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Willow and Serena embrace with a warm hug as they’ve come together for a training session. As a rookie, Willow has sought to improve her technique and SKW vet, Serena, has taken her under the wing to show her the ropes at the premiere place of women’s wrestling and combat. It’s decided that demonstration and replication will be the theme of the session as Serena leads by example.

A kick to the gut catches Willow off guard hunching her over for a front headlock. Serena twists and converts to a DDT planting her into the mats headfirst for an impactful KO. A hint of praise is followed by a single leg hook and slow 10-count pin. Willow awakens eager to try one out herself. A toe kick to the ribs puts Serena in prime position to endure a DDT KO herself. Willow floats over for a single hook 10-count pin as Serena lies limp.

Willow is introduced to the SKW classic as Serena applies a sleeperhold to the newbie. Willow struggles to maintain composure as Serena’s pressure strips her of air. Eventually it’s lights out as Willow droops in her arms. A more compact squeeze around the face guarantees the knockout secures another long single leg hook 10-count pin. A light belly claw jolts Willow awake, then she takes the reins. Willow applies a sleeperhold to the vet that sees her instructor gasping for air. It’s potent enough to get a few twitches from the dozy Serena and is capped off with a secondary and more condensed sleeperhold KO. Willow follows-up with a slow, mounted single leg hook 10-count pin before their next round.

Serena, slightly overwhelmed by the novice’s technique, wastes little time introducing Willow to a signature faceplanting slam. A shot the belly staggers Willow over and her face meets the canvas from a forceful x-factor KO. Serena positions her for a dominant matchbook 10-count pin that confirms the knockout. Willow then takes control as it’s her time to deliver and a belly punch folds Serena forward. Willow adds her own spice as she delivers an x-factor from a front headlock that sends Serena sprawling backwards and comatose. Willow works her way into a 10-count matchbook pin securing the fall for herself.

Willow gets a bit ahead of herself as she’s adapting quickly to technical wrestling. Serena invites her to a quick match to really test her abilities which she eagerly accepts, but she enters a world of hurt when Serena executes a savage uppercut KO. A set of stomps to the stomach makes Willow slowly come to, but she doesn’t get a breather and Serena soon applies a frontal headlock sleeperhold. Willow struggles to find her footing as her throat is wrapped in a tight cinch, then eventually she gasses out into a derri “air” pose. Celebratory spanks meet Willow’s rear before she’s rolled over for a mounted double leg hook 10-count pin. Willow somehow manages to “kick out” and Serena goes back on the offensive with a stepover stomp to the belly.

Serena feigns a celebratory hug which quickly turns into a bearhug that crushes the newcomer’s ribs. Willow groans and struggles till her knees weaken causing the bearhug to go to the mats where Serena relentlessly continues to squeeze. A last tug puts Willow out for the count as the air seeps from her lips. Serena goes for another double leg hook 10-count pin that she relinquishes in typical heel fashion. Serena wakes her up one more time to finally put her down for the set.

A fist to the midsection slumps Willow forward and locks her into a pedigree. Serena indulges in some humiliation with a wedgie that lifts Willow off her heels before slamming her face first into the mats for a pedigree KO. Willow’s unconscious figure is rolled over for eye checks, face play, limb checks, and belly punches before Serena mounts her for a victorious single leg hook 20-count pin. Serena flexes as she places a foot on her pupil’s face in domineering fashion while basking in victory. Hopefully this lesson pushes Willow to improve her technique and maybe one day surpass her disciplinarian.

Single leg hook 10-count pins
Sleeperhold KOs
X-factor KOs
Matchbook 10-count pins
Uppercut KO
Front headlock sleeperhold KO
Limb checks
Derri “air” KO pose
Double leg hook 10-count pin
Grounded bearhug KO
Pedigree KO
Belly punching
Mounted single leg hook 20-count pin
Instant replays
Win pose


Length: 27 min
Price: 24.99