(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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Rose and Peyton gleefully skip into the room to see you down and dazed from the chloroform haze that nearly spelled the end. The ladies are looking to collect big bucks for a ransom and you just so happen to be the meal ticket. The girls reveal themselves to be henchwomen for the Joker and cue into the various tools they have stashed to persuade your pops into forking over the cash. To their dismay you’ve been concealing a can of chloroform spray, drawing it and misting them into a pair of ditzy damsels. As they come head to head to keep balance, you indulge with a little face play before a second mist drops them to the mats for a pair of knockouts. During their efforts to sit up, you mist them again, incapacitating the two with little effort.

They don’t respond to your limb and eye checks, then you rattle Peyton awake with face taps before setting her against the wall. Rose gets up to retaliate, but you cut her short with another mist of chloroform. You feel over the petite and tempting Peyton, then put her to sleep with a nerve pinch to the shoulder that sinks her against the wall. Your limp play stirs her awake, then she’s quickly taken out with a chop to the neck. Rose starts to come to and you slam her against the wall before she can react. She begins to plead, then you cut her off with a single-handed choke. Rose fades from the asphyxiating squeeze as her eyes roll back, tongue protrudes, and body goes limp as she slumps against the wall. You retrieve a blackjack and awaken Rose with some touchy feely for more.

Rose finds consciousness, but quickly loses as the blackjack cracks across her head for another KO. The pair don’t budge to your limb checks, so you opt for face taps to wake them up. You lift both girls to a stand and begin tearing into them with jaw clutching and face punches. A pair of uppercuts sends them flailing to the mats for another set of knockouts. You stand over Peyton as she tries to rise and take her out with two heavy face shots and Rose receives the same fate. Following limb checks you go to the bag of weapons for the next item. Acquiring a chloroform rag, you jar the girls awake with belly stomps. You force the rag to Greasy’s face and mush Peyton into hers until they’re kissing through the doused rag, slowly breaking down as the anesthetic does its deed and the ladies collapse into a frail heap.

You draw another rag from the bag and press each to their faces, leaving them to surrender to the substance as they lie powerless and sapped. You equip the blackjack once more and awaken Peyton by gripping her groin. You work the ladies to their feet, then drop their knees with hard shots to their heads. With their senses nearly gone, you whack them once more and they deteriorate into derri “air” poses. The girls get spankings for their troubles and Greasy begs to be put to sleep. You oblige with a blackjack KO blow to her head and focus in on Peyton. The blackjack glides across her beautifully arching figure before another blow spells lights out.

You now take a tranq pistol from the bag, spank the girls awake, then pile them against the wall. One by one you sensually plugs darts into each, emptying the magazine and filling them with the enervating concoction that turns them into tongue-dangling drooling damsels. A final shot drops Peyton to the mats and Rose follows by piling on top into another derri “air” pose. After more limb checks, you acquire the chopstick from the bag and Peyton begins to recover. After slamming her against the wall you deliver a pressure point press to her neck that drops her to the floor in a drooling daze. You press to her temple making her eyes roll back for a tongue-protruding KO. Greasy gets similar treatment as a press to her neck slumps her against the wall as a drooling heap and her one-piece comes loose. You adjust her bathing suit for later and deliver a follow-up knockout press to her neck.

After a short while the henchwomen stand groggy and regretful before you. You offer them the chance to escape by submitting to the substance in the syringe before they can race to the door. You administer a dose to each, which drops the girls to their knees before they flop to the mats. They use every iota of fleeting strength to make their way to the exit, struggling with another as they get tangled up in their desperate dash. They get to the end of the mats, but it’s too late as they’ve wilted to the poison. You ensure they’re out cold with a pair of nerve pinches, then enact the next phase of your vengeful plot.

The twosome struggle to get to their feet and you reveal your true self to the evildoers. You activate the hypnosis globe and force them into a hypnotic trance. After a 10-count the mind control is locked in and the ladies pass out. Your succeeding countdown makes the couple spring upward and your alluring touch commands them into a lustful makeout and stripping session. Things get sweltering as the two continue smooching and fondling. After a short while you command them to sleep with a touch. You feel over the unconscious pair before commanding them to a stand once more. Giving them the chloroform rags, you grab the substance and have them douse their rags further. You order them into a competition of will as they press the rags to each other’s faces. Rose turns out to be the victor and her fortitude is rewarded with a deserved rest, crumbling onto Peyton’s ass as she enters her own derri “air” pose.

Your speech brings them to attention again and this time you dictate that they battle one another to see who reigns superior. They enter a test of strength and Rose breaks the tension with a cunt punt to Peyton. Rose then applies a seated sleeperhold that nearly puts Peyton away with ease, but in dire straits Peyton’s nerve pinch takes effect and the ladies go out together. Your countdown brings them to alertness once more and you use the enchantment to free them from their dedication to the villain, however they must undergo one more competition. The ladies get hold of the stun rods from the bag and are instructed to shock the evil out of each other. When the countdown hits zero the duo circle each other as they size up. They both lunge forward, plunging the electric rods to their cores until they can’t sustain anymore pain. They end up sprawled and face down on the electric ends of their rods, harshly convulsing as their bodies are littered with countless volts.

When their convulsions cease you lift their heads to reveal rolled back eyes and seeping drool as they’re completely out of it. You take the situation into your own hands and finish each of the girls off with sleeperholds, OTS carries, and a hint of limp play before heading out with the reformed heroines.

Chloroform mist KO
Dual chloroform mist KOs
Nerve pinch KOs
Neck chop KO
One-hand choke KO
Blackjack KOs
Uppercut KOs
Face punching KOs
Kissing chloroform rag smother KO
Dual chloroform rag smother KOs
Tranquilizer pistol KOs
Chopstick pressure point KOs
Syringe KOs
Hypnosis KOs
Makeout w/ stripping KO
Chloroform smother double KOs
Test of strength
Seated sleeperhold KO
Stun rod double KO w/ convulsions
Sleeperhold KOs
Over-the-shoulder carries
Derri “air” KO poses
Derri “air” KO body pile
First-person PoV
Eye rolling
Limb checks
Limp play
Eye checks

Length: 47 min
Price: 45.99