(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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Pacing about the mat room we see the petite, Emma Ray in a tizzy about her upcoming match with The Machine. Suddenly Serena emerges from the back with a surprise gift for the SKW newcomer. She drags out The Machine who has been drugged into an anemic state. Serena whips out a bag with a few syringes before demonstrating what was inflicted upon the dangerous heel. He’s poked around and taunted before Serena finds a second dose in the bag to administer, but a crucial miscalculation on her part leads to him becoming invigorated and ready to dish out some serious pain to the vegetable-colored divas. They make an attempt to flee, but are captured by the hair. He strongarms the ladies into a dual stunner that knocks them both out and sets the match off.

Serena is set to the side as The Machine zeroes in on Emma. A belly stomp jars her awake and she’s hoisted to her feet for a forceful snap suplex. A claw to the ribs stops her slumber and she’s scooped up again. She’s lifted and carried around the room a bit before a body slam plants her into the mats. More belly claw punishment is delivered before Emma is brought to her feet and twisted into a hammerlock. The poor newbie is lost in the assault, opening her up for a clothesline that puts her lights out. Another claw to the midsection gets her to come to and she’s dragged to the back. A running bulldog sends her coast to coast for a facedown KO. He wreaks further havoc on her stomach with a belly claw and a pair of leg drops causing her to cough in agony. He goes for the single leg hook 10-count pin and she vulnerably wriggles in submission. Emma is somehow able to find the strength to “kick out” and he continues with the offense. He lifts her to her feet and secures a cobra clutch that handily drains her vitals and emits taps of mercy. He doesn’t let up as he prolongs the hold and Emma goes limp in his clutches. Her lifeless form is heaved up for an OTS carry and she’s set aside as he switches focus to her partner in crime.

The Machine drags Serena to the center of the mats and applies a boston crab that puts strain on her lower back. He locks in a sleeperhold that quickly subdues her faint struggling, which is topped off with limb checks. A rake to the back jerks her from her sleep in frustration, but he proves too dominant to combat. He scoops her up and spins her around before driving her over his knee for a torturous backbreaker. A belly claw enters the mix and Serena finds the resilience to not tap before being tossed to the mats. His aggression continues with a fatal pressure point squeeze to her neck and temples rendering her completely feeble for limb checks. A belly claw stirs her to life and she’s brought to a stand. He whips her against the wall opening her up for a driving powerslam, enforcing twitches from the SKW vet. He goes for the leg hook pin to put her away, but she musters the strength to kick out before the fall. This may have been for the worst as he immediately picks her up for a torture rack. She finally concedes as she’s stretched into submission and he sets his sights on the other veggie.

The two unfortunate jobbers are set side by side standing in a daze and suffer a dual DDT KO. Shots to the ribs force the ladies to come to and they’re hostilely set against the wall. Shoulder thrusts drive the air from their midriffs leaving them groggy on their feet. They’re stacked atop one another and a running splash crushes the girls against the wall causing them to stagger forward and crumple into a twitchy body pile. The air-deprived beauties suffer a pair of sleeperholds as they’re too drained to retaliate. Serena catches a stomp to the belly and is hitched up for a powerslam right across Emma’s open belly. He then sets Serena aside to deliver more punishment to the novice grappler, but she somehow finds the strength for a high-risk effort. Emma is scooped into the air for another high impact slam and Serena manages to catch him from the rear with one of her misplaced syringes. The Machine suddenly becomes defunct and he collapses backwards, allowing Emma to reverse into a crossbody splash. As Emma applies a crucifix pin, Serena swoops in to confirm the 10-count and score a miraculous win for the veggie-themed team. They take a bit of time to regain their bearings from their arduously earned victory, but something isn’t quite right. The Machine suddenly springs up like the famous deadman and the girls hastily bolt from the mat room, avoiding a second bout with one of SKW’s most dangerous assets.

Dual stunner KO
Snap suplex KO
Belly claws
Body slam KO
Hammerlock clothesline KO
Running bulldog KO
Leg drops to belly
Single leg hook 10-count pin attempts
Cobra clutch KO
Over-the-shoulder carry
Boston crab
Sleeperhold KOs
Back rake
Backbreaker w/ belly claw
Pressure point squeeze KO
Power slam KOs
Torture rack
Dual DDT KOs
Dual shoulder thrusts to belly
Stacked wall splash KO
Body pile
10-count crucifix pin
Syringe play
Limb checks


Length: 17 min
Price: 15.99