(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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Today’s match sees Irene Silver and Paula Diamonds facing off in an old school pro style match with two-piece bikinis and standard wrestling gear. Knockouts, pins, and 10-counts are the name of the game as they race to gain the most points before the time limit hits. Things get extra spicy with a no holds barred DQ stipulation and with a countdown they set it off with a predatory circling before the tie up.

They tussle hand-to-hand and Paula gets the advantage as she shoves Irene into the wall. Belly punches rain into Irene’s midsection and Paula pursues with a snapmare. A dashing dropkick stuns Irene, leaving her open for a sleeperhold follow-up. Irene thrashes to break the hold, but the slow asphyxiation takes its toll on her, leaving her sprawled for Paula’s limb check. Paula scores a single leg hook 10-count pin and strikes a victory pose over a mildly twitching Irene.

The next round they engage with another tie up and Irene takes command with a knee to the stomach and a shove to the wall. Irene goes in with more belly punches and returns the snapmare to her rival. The punishment continues with a leg nelson and jeering her susceptible foe. From her position, Irene unwraps her legs and flips Paula to her stomach, then takes her out with a powerful skull fucker KO. The girls spin once more laying Paula on her back and Irene goes for a pin that Paula fights out of. With Paula still groggy, Irene continues her offense with a hangman submission, then the pair crash into the mats with a Widow’s peak that takes Paula out. Paula lies comatose giving Irene the greenlight to score a 10-count back hook leg pin and she closes out with a win pose.

The mean streak comes out of Paula as she opens up the next contest with a boot to Irene’s midsection and a quick knockout from a frontal sleeperhold. As Irene starts to stir awake, Paula sends her headfirst to the mats with a DDT KO. Paula goes for a single leg hook 10-count, but Irene kicks out in the middle of it. As Irene is trying to gain her wits, Paula sets her up a pedigree. Irene rapidly jiggles and gyrates as she struggles to break free only to kiss the mats as Paula executes the special move. With Irene completely out of it, Paula secures a 10-count matchbook pin and hits a pose for her point.

The ladies mix up again and Paula gets technical with a hammerlock. Irene ends her suffering with a leg sweep to break the hold and shows her wrestling prowess with a figure four leg lock. Paula resists with a feisty demeanor and after enough twisting Irene lets up. Irene pulls Paula up by the hair and returns the favor of a pedigree to Paula. Irene scoops Paula from her dazed state and bends her backwards to the surface before planting a smooch on Paula’s face, then whips her around for a wild sister abigail slam finish. Irene goes for her matchbook pin and Paula begins to come to, but Irene puts her back out with a double ax handle to the face. The count continues and Irene scores for another sweet pose.

With the two tied in score they enter the next round with a staggering double KO from trading face kicks. They wind up in a sixty-nine body pile with Paula on top and SK begins the slow 10-count for the pair. Irene manages to come to and forces Paula off of her, stirring her awake in the process. Both ladies fight for consciousness and Paula takes control with a boot to Irene’s gut. She twists Irene around for a neckbreaker, which is seemingly reversed and the girls crater into the mats for a twitch-inducing double KO. Ref SK engages the 10-count again and Irene breaks it up with a reverse headscissor to Paula. Paula’s presence of mind allows her to apply the same submission to Irene and they’re in a squeezing catball, racing to put the other to sleep first. The thighs of the terrorizing twosome squeeze each other into twitching heaps and they both remain felled to SK’s 10-count, spelling the end of this round.

We’re in the final round of the bout and one of the ladies must score to break the tie. SK gives the go to wrestle and Paula kicks it off literally with a toe kick to Irene’s belly. Irene doubles over giving Paula the perfect opportunity to land a stunner KO. Paula transitions to a figure four headscissor that puts Irene to sleep soundly. She grabs a chair from the back as Irene begins to recover. As Irene begins to gain her footing she eats a chair shot that flips her backwards and melts into twitching a derri “air” KO pose. Paula tries for a leg locking matchbook pin and Irene regains enough to kick out. Paula lifts her for more, but Irene battles back with belly shots and locks her own sleeper onto Paula. They go to the mats and Irene viciously squeezes her to the point of light convulsions seeping drool.

With Irene in the driver’s seat she yanks Paula up by the hair and grips her with a chokehold. After an arm goes over the shoulder, Paula goes soaring into the air and crashing to the mats, left spasming and drained. Irene continues to send her message with a tombstone piledriver that leaves Paula spread eagle and twitching. Next come the chair shots that recoil Paula’s legs into the air for another knockout. The strikes are so destructive that Paula spit takes as she lies convulsing. Irene ends the match in special fashion with a leglocking 10-count matchbook pin, and pounds Paula’s tummy with raining fists for the last 10 counts. Irene then triumphantly scoops Paula over the shoulder and poses in amazonian goodness. She hits a few celebratory laps around the room and heads out as the winner of the taxing match.

Belly punching
Low dropkick
Sleeperhold KOs
Single leg hook 10-count pin
Leg nelson
Skull fucker KO
Widow’s peak KO
Single leg hook 10-count pins
Frontal sleeperhold KO
Pedigree KOs
Leg lock 10-count matchbook pin
Figure four leglock
Sister abigail KO
10-count matchbook pin
Face kick double KO
Neckbreaker double KO
Reverse headscissor KO
Double headscissor KO
Stunner KO
Chair shots KOs
Chokeslam KO
Tombstone piledriver
Chair shots KO w/ spit take
Leglock 20-count matchbook pin w/ belly punching
Over-the-shoulder carry
Derri “air” KO pose
Body pile
Instant replays
Win poses
Limb checks
Outtakes / gag reel

Length: 33 min
Price: 31.99