We fade in on the beautiful Becca on the phone with her doctor.  Turns out she can’t get her hands on her medication…the kind she needs in order to keep something at bay.  Or…someone?

Hours later her match against Jacquelyn Velvets in the FWR ring starts and all seems to be going fine…even though Becca looks slightly nervous.  The girls lock up and Jacquelyn gets an early lead, slamming fists into Becca’s belly in the corner only to boot choke her against the turnbuckle!  She follows up with a leg nelson and a brutal set of face f*ckers, followed by a neckscissors and a set of FOUR turnbuckle head slams that turn Becca into an eyerolling mess!  Becca collpases to the canvas, completely out cold…and Jacquelyn goes for the pin.

And then we see Becca’s eyes open…only it’s not her eyes.  It’s someone else.  Someone who kicks out, a smile on her face.  She stands, eyeing Jacquelyn and speaking in French…taunting the confused SKW wrestler.  This “other wrestler” walks differently, talks differently, and wrestles differently.  She attacks Jacquelyn with gusto, slamming fists into her gut , foot choking her, and scissoring her out from the top turnbuckle!   She nails belly splashes, spitting out French as she tortures Jacquelyn. She follows up with some brutal handstand splashes and a perfect sleeper hold KO.  French Becca goes for the pin but pulls Jacquelyn up at the last second, enjoying the beatdown she’s handing out.

A frightened Jacquelyn manages to reverse a clothesline, however, and takes French Becca down and out!  She stomps the girl’s belly, revealing the “normal” Becca when she regains consciousness.  “What’s the matter?” Jacquelyn demands.  “Not gonna speak French anymore?”

“Oh no…” Becca replies, fear in her eyes.  “SHE’s here.”

Jacquelyn has zero patience for this and attacks, lifting Becca up for a body slam as Becca begs her to stop.  Another knockout and she KNOWS the “other” girl will return, but Jacquelyn doesn’t care.  She pummels Becca with additional body slams, belly punches, belly splashes, a forced rope choke, and a running rope stomp that knocks Becca senseless.  Jacquelyn follows up with TWO back to back X-Factors that finally knock Becca out!  She goes for the pin, ignoring Becca’s warnings…and guess who wakes up and kicks out?

French Becca is back!  She pulls Jacquelyn’s hair and traps her in another sleeper hold.  She releases it and starts talking trash, pacing around a dumbfounded Jacquelyn.  She snap mares the SKW fighter across the ring, nailing running snapmares that knock Jacquelyn out!  The “new girl” traps Jacquelyn in a reverse neck scissors, knocking her out yet again.  She goes for the pin but Jacquelyn manages to kick out and land a devastating belly blow that takes the French girl by surprise.  She nails blow after blow, slowing French Becca down.  A running corner splash knocks her out, but Jacquelyn isn’t done yet.  She mounts Becca’s belly and starts slamming punch after punch into the girl’s jaw.  Amazingly, each punch “snaps” Becca in and out of her other persona, until Jacquelyn lifts the troubled girl up by the hair and delivers a final SUPER KICK to her face that knocks her out completely.

A frightened Jacquelyn nails the pin and leaves the ring…unnerved and shaken.  Seconds later we see Becca’s eyes open.  She smiles, saying something in French as she slinks out of the ring and starts to track her new prey…


Length: 23 min

Price: 18.99