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OVERKILL: episode twelve

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Back-to-back the leggy Rock-C and eccentric Rachel Adams stand as Sleeperkid instructs them on the unforgiving nature of the “overkill” match type. Rock-C grows irritated as she’s reminded of the results of their previous match where she was ambushed. This time she’s looking to reimburse Rachel with the suffering she endured from their last encounter. The ladies agree to the conditions and SK begins the countdown to the start of the match.

Rachel begins with the upper hand as a toe kick to stunner combination drops Rock-C to the mats. Soon after she places Rock-C against the wall for an overabundance of standing and crouching belly blows, leaving her winded with softened ribs. It seems Rock-C has already surrendered as she pleads to be finished, but Rachel continues the beating in the center with another large volley of gut punches that hunch her further and further. Rachel whips Rock-C to the wall where she’s met with more belly splashes until crumbling face down on the mats. Rachel continues the targeting of her torso with hopping stomach splashes that send her lurching upward until the spew of saliva indicates the knockout. Rachel takes the opportunity to score a single leg hook 10-count pin to secure the first fall.

After Rock-C recovers, the ladies are back-to-back and SK begins the count. Rock-C takes the initiative with a sharp blow to Rachel’s stomach that sets her up for a tombstone piledriver. It’s Rock-C’s turn to deal copious amounts of belly punishment as blow after blow grinds into Rachel’s abdomen forcing her into puffing grimaces. Rock-C brings her to the middle where Rachel eats another myriad of gut shots. With Rachel breathless, Rock-C aims for the neck with a sleeperhold that soon wears her down. Rock-C lives up to the theme of the match as she uses the opportunity to apply consecutive sleeperhold KOs that result in Rachel passing out, each one faster than the last. Rachel’s thrashing turns to flimsy flails as she pleads for the submissions to stop. It’s all for naught as Rock-C ends up shortening her KOs from 20 seconds of squeezing to 3 for the record breaker. To conclude the round Rock-C delivers more splashes to her midsection and achieves a single leg hook 10-count pin.

Rock-C forgoes resetting to a neutral start as she orders SK to start the next round. The fatigued Rachel finds herself trapped in a back-crushing bearhug as she moans, pants, taps, and begs for mercy. Rock-C continuously crunches Rachel’s abs as she dangles helplessly in her arms. The hold makes its way to the floor where Rock-C keeps Rachel sealed in her snug clutches, each tighten resulting in sequentially softer moans. SK manages to snap Rock-C out of her constricting trance inspiring her to implement a fresh method of gut busting. Rachel ends up tangled in a leg locked matchbook pin, eating a stomach shot for each second of a 10-count pinfall.

Rock-C gets her money’s worth for the remainder of time limit as she spikes Rachel’s spine with numerous tombstone piledrivers, each slam sending Rachel spiraling into convulsions. Rock-C’s heartless onslaught continues as Rachel violently shakes within her sleeperhold. Rachel begins to foam from the mouth as her spasms cease. A few limb checks and crammed squeezes ensure Rachel’s depletion for another single leg hook 10-count pin, victory pose, and Rock-C’s vengeance.

Prolonged assorted belly strikes
Wall splashes KOs
Belly splashes KOs
Single leg hook 10-count pins
Tombstone piledriver KOs
Sleeperhold KOs
Prolonged bearhug KO
Grounded bearhug KO
Matchbook belly punches KO
Foaming mouth
Limb checks
Victory poses
Instant replays


Length: 43 min
Price: 37.99