OVERKILL: episode six

We fade in on the lovely Arielle Lane and Annabelle Genovisi, ready for a brutal overkill match!  The rules are simple:  each competitor can only score a point after repeated attacks with MULTIPLE tactics, with whoever ends up with the highest score winning after the end of the time limit.

Here’s the breakdown:

ROUND ONE:  Annabelle dominates with belly punches, shoulder rams into the belly, wall splash KO, multiple belly splashes, post-KO attacks/splashes, failed pin attempt, sleeper hold KOs (three of them), final belly splash for the win.

ROUND TWO: Arielle dominates after a failed wall splash.  She uses a reverse neckscissors KO, neck breaker scissor drops, multiple forearm smashes to the face, multiple knee drops to the skull, post-KO strikes, failed pin, multiple split splashes to a KO, final uppercut KO, matchbook pin for the win.

ROUND THREE:  A double bearhug renders both girls unconscious.  Arielle goes for a tombstone but Annabelle traps her in an upside down neckscissors that leads to yet another double KO!  An exhausted Annabelle climbs on top of Arielle and delivers some brutal forearm smashes to the face but is unable to complete the pin.  Arielle awakens and pushes Annabelle off.  She attacks with MULTIPLE modified leg drops to the throat until Genovisi is out cold.  She continues to land the leg drops but passes out cold while trying to make the pin.  Annabelle comes to and pushes Arielle off of her.  Before she can attack, however, Annabelle is surprised to hear Arielle verbally giving up the match.  Arielle begs her to knock her out…and to make it quick.   Annabelle gives it her best shot, knocking Arielle out with a Tombstone Piledriver and going for the pin.  Arielle barely kicks out, frustrating Annabelle, who finishes Arielle off with a flurry of punches to the base of Arielle’s neck.   Satisfied that Arielle’s out cold, a completely exhausted Annabelle goes for a final (and successful) pin!

Annabelle performs her victory pose, only to collapse on top of the unconscious Arielle!


Length: 28 min

Price: 21.99