(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)

OVERKILL: episode eleven

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Terra Mizu and Monroe star in this installment of the overkill series where each combatant must target a specific body part until the opposition is incapacitated for a 10-count pin. Both ladies confidently agree before going back-to-back for SK’s initiating countdown. The pair pull away from one another, circling as they size each other up. They verbally provoke each other before tying up and kicking off the match.

Terra gains the upper hand as a knee to the gut stuns monroe. A stunner lays Monroe out leaving her ripe for further assault. She’s then brought to the wall where Terra launches an overabundance of fists and feet to the belly. Monroe leans groggy and exposed as Terra delivers a daggering finger jab to her midsection, forcing a spit take as Monroe remains defenseless. Terra whips her to the opposing wall where she performs a few body splashes that send Monroe crashing to the mats on the verge of unconsciousness.

Monroe’s torso receives further torment as Terra rains belly splash after belly splash on her poor foe. The final belly splash drives the last iota of wind out of her before she succumbs to the pain. Terra goes for a single leg hook 10-count pin, but abruptly interrupts it to deal more damage. Terra poses the powerless Monroe in derri “air” position leaving her positioned perfectly for running stomach punts. Monroe’s midsection eats kick after kick until the last impact flips her over in submission. Terra ends her reign with a specialized matchbook 10-count pin where each number results in another belly punch. Terra scores the first fall as she courageously poses over her opponent.

From the next back-to-back round start, Monroe takes the initiative as she climbs Terra’s back to administer a crushing bodyscissor. The squishing of ribs saps the life from Terra as she gradually crumbles to the mats where Monroe continues her savage squeeze. Even when floored, Monroe doesn’t let up as the hold remains locked on Terra. Terra remains in the hurt locker as Monroe refuses to relinquish the hold, tightening her grip until Terra lies conquered in her grasp. A few face taps awaken Terra for more pain and Monroe applies a figure four headscissor, squeezing the air out of Terra’s thrashing figure. Monroe manages to crank her foot, tightening the hold even further which sends Terra into a hysterical frenzy before passing out in Monroe’s snare.

Limb checks confirm Terra’s defeat but Monroe’s mind is set on revenge. A stomach stomp rocks Terra awake before Monroe displays her technical skill with a triangle choke. Terra hopelessly kicks around and moans as the hold’s effects kicks in. No matter her struggle the result is futility as she ends up unconscious and convulsing between Monroe’s thighs. Monroe’s incursion isn’t finished yet as she repositions Terra for running leg drops in which the impact sends Terra’s legs kicking into the air. Monroe follows up with a plethora of seated leg drops to the front and back of Terra’s neck. The latter set sends Terra’s rear thrusting into the air for a spank to slap her waist down to the mats. Monroe concludes the fall with her talented legs as she plants the soles of her feet on Terra’s face for a foot-smothering 10-count pin before a victory pose.

It’s the tiebreaker round and both ladies are back-to-back again for the next fall. Monroe attempts to establish control with an early sleeperhold, but Terra fights out with sharp elbows to her midsection. Terra applies a sleeperhold of her own and Monroe begs and taps to be freed. Terra prolongs the hold as Monroe turns red in her clenches. Eventually Monroe goes limp and collapses to the mats as Terra releases the hold. Terra’s onslaught from here forth is ruthless as she doesn’t let up on Monroe’s jugular. Monroe enters and exits consciousness as Terra continually locks her in sleeperholds, trying time after time to shorten her record for the fastest KO possible. Monroe remains putty in Terra’s clutches as each time the knockouts occur faster and faster until Monroe submissively secretes saliva. The final fall is dictated by a double leg hook 10-count pin from Terra that establishes her as the victor. Terra poses over her lifeless opponent before a victorious exit.

Stunner KO
Belly strikes
Wall splashes
Belly splashes KO
Single leg hook 10-count pin
Running belly punts KO
Matchbook 10-count pin w/ belly punching
Bodyscissor KO
Reverse headscissor KO
Triangle choke KO
Running leg drops
Seated leg drops KO
Foot smother 10-count pin
Sleeperhold KOs
Double leg hook 10-count pin
Instant replays
Derri “air” KO poses
Tongue protrusion
Win poses
Trash talk


Length: 39 min
Price: 35.99