(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)

OVERKILL: episode 14

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Ella Matrix and Madison Swan stand close as we get ready to start the infamous and brutal “overkills” match. With the ladies eager to get into the no holds barred, no DQ match a countdown is met with a stiff punt to Ella’s face backing her into a wall. Madison follows up with numerous high punts that crack into Ella’s chin that leave her desperately crawling on her stomach. Madison continues to focus on the neck region by wrapping around Ella with a handstand headscissor from the side. Ella writhes around from the tight squeeze, gurgling and suffering as Madison does her worst and it’s lights out for the ebony nymph.

Madison’s pain train proceeds with continual jumping leg drops across Ella’s vulnerable throat. Each hard impact makes Ella groan in submission as she withstands. A final leg drop takes Ella out for a tongue-protruding KO and Madison removes the chance for any possum play with a barrage of seated leg drops. Ella can only take so much as the crashing leg drops force the air through her pursed lips. Madison’s savagery doesn’t let up as she flips Ella over and delivers numerous seated leg drops to the back of her neck as well. The thudding leg drops pop Ella’s rear into the air as well as leave her writhing on the mats until she’s utterly depleted. The cherry on the sundae comes with a reverse figure-four headscissor that engulfs Ella in her nether region, debilitating her by the second with luscious asphyxiation. With Ella unresponsive to the limb checks, Madison goes for her 10-count single leg pin as Ella twitches beneath her and she secures the first fall as well as win pose..

Ella gets her bearings and the ladies return to a neutral state. Ella jumps the gun by disrupting the count with a piggyback sleeper to Madison. The chokehold takes Madison down to the mats where she clutches and kicks in Ella’s submission, resisting as much as she can before blacking out. Ella gently stirs her awake, then clamps down again with another lengthy sleeperhold that breaks the soft and supplicating Madison down. Ella transitions into a frontal sleeperhold, supplemented by spanks that tease Madison as she’s ensnared in the strangling clutch. Madison wiggles around as she attempts to feel her way out, but she passes out from Ella’s strong grasp. Madison is briefly left in a derri “air” pose, then Ella moves onto her next move. A dragon sleeper cranks Madison backwards and she’s soon brought down to the mats. Ella shifts to an intimate reverse guillotine choke, squeezing tightly against the writhing and pleading Madison as she coerces her to sleep. Madison succumbs in a spread-eagle and twitchy mess and Ella’s continuous squeeze causes Madison to begin to drool. Ella then executes a 10-count leg-locking matchbook pin to score her first W of the bout.

With the duo tied, they return to a starting position, which is soon broken by a hard punch to the stomach from Madison to Ella. Ella staggers back into a wall, then is whipped to the opposing side and forced to eat more mighty pounds to the gut. With Ella softened up, Madison guides her by the face to the center of the mats where she spikes her with a tombstone piledriver. Ella lies in a space between twitching and convulsing, which gives Madison an opening for a 10-count leg-locking matchbook pin. Madison’s volley proceeds with a 2nd tombstone piledriver that plants Ella into a sprawled and twitchy damsel. Madison capitalizes with a 10-count pressing matchbook pin that Ella is hopeless to kick from. A belly punch jars Ella awake and Madison lives up to the match’s theme with a 3rd tombstone piledriver to do Ella in. Another fall is scored to Madison via 10-count matchbook pin, however she isn’t finished yet.

A belly stomp barely wakes Ella for more and she’s hoisted up for a small package piledriver that leaves Ella curled and softly twitching. Madison follows up with a reverse facesit, wrapping her cheeks around Ella’s face and stealing her oxygen until she faints. Madison keeps the facesit locked for a 10-count pin as she flexes and keeps her seat for her victory pose as the match reaches a close.

Face kick
Face punts
Side handstand headscissor KO
Jumping leg drops KO
Excess seated leg drops KO
Reverse figure-four headscissor
10-count single leg hook pin
Piggyback sleeperhold
Seated sleeperhold KO
Frontal sleeperhold KO
Reverse guillotine choke KO
10-count leg-locking matchbook pins
Belly punching
Tombstone piledriver KOs
10-count matchbook press pin
Small package piledriver KO
Reverse facesitting KO
10-count reverse facesitting pin
Tongue protrusion
Victory poses
Pleading / begging
Derri “air” KO poses
Twitching / convulsing
Instant replays


Length: 37 min
Price: 35.99