(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)

OVERKILL: episode 13

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Back to back stand Bailey Paige and Jessie Belle in anticipation of their “overkill” styled match. SK gives a quick breakdown of the theme being an overabundance of focused slams, strikes, and submissions to overwhelm an opponent. The ladies agree with the terms and jump right into the action.

Bailey surprises Jessie with a boot to the stomach that hunches her over, then irish whips her into the wall for a brief stun. She then uses some fancy footwork to deliver damaging knees & kicks to her midsection. With Jessie’s belly worked over, Bailey alternates between face and stomach kicks that leave Jessie reeling in a stupor. A powerful sidekick catches Jessie square in the stomach forcing her to lurch forward as she spits up. She melts to the ground clutching her ribs in agony and Bailey admires her in sarcastic concern. Next, Bailey aims for the neck with a rear headscissor causing Jessie to desperately thrash for freedom, but the overexertion drains her to a KO. Bailey transitions to a figure four headscissor that rudely awakens Jessie for another nightmare. Jessie flails and kicks to escape it, but meets a demise similar to the previous hold. For good measure, Bailey keeps her legs locked and performs a few butt slams to cram Jessie’s neck even further for another knockout. She places a cherry on top with a standing twisting neck snap as she crunches Jessie’s neck between her ankles. The deadly maneuver grants Bailey the fall as she scores via single leg hook 10-count pin. A weakened Jessie lies unresponsive as Bailey poses over her.

Before the next round Jessie stands aching, but refuses to concede. Bailey manages to get the first strike again with a piggyback sleeperhold, however she’s awakened Jessie’s mean streak. Jessie uses her amazonian stature to crush the more petite Bailey against the wall a number of times until the hold is relinquished. Bailey slumps against the wall, out cold from the repetitive squishing. Jessie takes command by yanking her up by the hair and fastening a sleeperhold across her neck. Bailey frantically taps as Jessie whips her about the mats and she ends up sprawled and slept. The limb check already confirms the KO, but the conditions of the match lead to more of Bailey’s misery. Jessie executes a seated sleeperhold from the rear as she administers some of her playful toying she does with her victims. Bailey passes out mid-lullaby, but is woken up and trapped in another choke. Sleeperhold after sleeperhold leaves Bailey sluggish and dazed, then Jessie introduces a two-fisted nerve hold to the mix. Bailey begs for Jessie to stop, but it’s of no use as she’s felled once again. Jessie scores the 2nd fall with a single leg hook 10-count pin and an alluring victory pose over her shorter opposition.

A significant portion of time passes and Bailey hasn’t budged while Jessie gears up for the next round. Bailey barely shows signs of life despite SK’s attempts to revive her. For her sake SK opts to stop the match at a tie, but Jessie shows no interest in resolving at a draw. Once Jessie’s padded gloves are strapped on she drives a strong belly shot to Bailey’s midsection jarring her awake. Straight punches and backfists rain into her midriff and Bailey’s lifted her by the hair for more. Many belly blows cross her stomach until a spit take and that motivates Jessie even further. Jessie repositions her to the center and administers countless solar plexus strikes. She goes upstairs with a hook and seemingly endless rights to the face. Bailey incredibly keeps her footing through Jessie’s endless barrage of fists. A windup uppercut lays Bailey on her back and Jessie continues the onslaught with a ground and pound. Bailey’s legs kick from the endless hooks and Jessie finally lets up with a jaw crushing right that forces a slow-mo spit take and KO. Satisfied with her performance, Jessie secures a relaxed single leg hook 10-count pin as Bailey lies frail and twitching beneath her. With time remaining on the clock Jessie agrees to continue the contest as she mockingly poses over Bailey.

Bailey is left in a derri aired heap as she’s utterly void of consciousness. SK’s attempts to resuscitate are once again fruitless and for the last ten minutes of the match she’s stuck being Jessie’s ragdoll. She’s tugged up by the hair and snared in Jessie’s back-straining bearhug. Bailey cries in distress as every iota of oxygen is squeezed from her slim-thick frame. Jessie presses on and patronizes her as she squishes tightly against her ribs. Bailey’s cheeks puff up as the air escapes her pursed lips. Bailey taps out as she can no longer bear the pain, but Jessie’s submission persists. Bailey’s taps become senseless flailing as she seeps back into unconsciousness and droops in Jessie’s clutches. As the time limit reaches the end SK opts for a limb check and Bailey’s completely out of it. Jessie lives up to the match’s namesake with a piledriver that leaves Bailey subtly twitching. Jessie closes out with a relaxed single leg hook 20-count pin procuring her the win. Once more she strikes a cute pose over a softly twitching Bailey as she teases her.

Belly strikes
Assorted kicks
Rear headscissor KO
Figure four headscissor KO
Standing twisting neck snap KO
Single leg hook 10-count pins
Piggyback sleeperhold
Wall splashes KO
Sleeperhold KOs
Two-fisted nerve hold KO
Winding uppercut KO
Mounted punches w/ spit take KO
Bearhug KO
Piledriver KO
Instant replays
Win poses
Derri “air” KO pose
Limb checks


Length: 34 min
Price: 32.99