(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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We’re all in for a very special occasion as tonight will be the catalyst for the brand new “Over the influence” match type, which combines the “Under the Influence” and “Overkill” themes. In summary the ladies are under the effects of the drugged drink and must go overboard with particular attacks when sending their opposition to dreamland. When enough punishment is inflicted, the aggressor goes for that 20-count pin to get the victory. Anne and Andrea Rosu are totally game as they down a few droplets of the sedating liquid and wait for the toxin to activate. After a bit of conversation the ladies are stumbling around and pressed to keep their footing, but they end up head to head and drooling before becoming a lifeless body pile.

When the girls come to, they wake from a derri “air” body pile. Andrea is the first to strike with a sleeperhold that sends Anne into faint flails. Anne lightly spasms through the following limb check, then Andrea continuously cinches harder as she squeezes for every hint of oxygen. Anne verbally submits and Andrea groggily makes her way into a 20-count single leg hook pin with belly punching. Andrea grows more and more dizzy throughout the pin and isn’t able to finish as the exhaustion takes over, leading both ladies to a knockout.

Of the two, Anne is the first to wake and she gains a semblance of control. She spots a pair of boxing gloves and laces up as Andrea is stuck trying to recover. Anne lifts Andrea to her feet and shoves her against the wall for gut-wrenching belly punches. Andrea loudly exhales as Anne smashes the air from her diaphragm, blow after blow. Anne repositions to the center of the mats and goes upstairs with repeated face punches. An uppercut sends Andrea’s sopping tongue into a salivating dangle and she splats into a spread eagle KO. Anne sits atop her thick opponent and cracks her across the face with lefts and rights. The blows send Andrea further into a stupor as her legs shoot into the air. Anne then puts her away with a hard right hook for a spit take that gives Andrea a primal sense of satisfaction before the darkness sets in. Anne returns the single leg hook pin with belly punches and it seems to be game over before a reversal turns the tide.

A frontal headscissor locks Anne between Andrea’s omnipotent thighs, whose only choice is to struggle as she’s squeezed into seeing stars. Anne softly jerks before the knockout, then Andrea opts for body-focused attacks. Anne’s open midriff is targeted with clean belly splashes that pump the air right out of her core. Andrea then starts delivering them from the knees to conserve some strength and Anne manages to miraculously hold on. Eventually a splash blasts a spit take from Anne and onto Andrea’s backside. Andrea’s discipline continues with seated leg drops across Anne’s trachea and our favorite jobber is gradually brought to her demise.Andrea brings Anne to a stand and brings her against the wall for a set of intimate body splashes. Those talented quads get put to use as Andrea smashes them against Anne’s ribs for painful and audible exhales. A running quad smash drops Anne into a KO, but Andrea passes out on top as she’s too fatigued to continue.

With Anne on her last bits of vitality, Andrea wakes first and puts her thunderous thighs to use once more with reverse split splashes across Anne’s midsection. Anne strongly recoils upward as Andrea’s slams are too much to bear. After what seems like infinite splashes, Anne verbally concedes, giving into Andrea and begging for it to stop. In traditional fashion, Andrea force feeds a healthy dose of the anesthetizing substance to Anne then employs her signature move. A reverse headscissor drains whatever energy has left and causes her to regurgitate the drink as she’s snared between Andrea’s glutes. She softly twitches after the KO and Andrea goes for her 20-count leg locking matchbook pin with belly punches. After 20 long and excruciating belly punches, Andrea flexes as the winner and her hard-fought victory deserves a good night’s rest. Andrea downs the rest of the sleepy substance, then begins convulsing as the poison flows through her. She slumps backward, slowly passing out and spewing up some of the liquid as she passes out. With both girls completely out cold, the matchbook pin is maintained and the beauties take a long slumber from such a taxing and arduous battle.

Drugged drink KOs
Belly splash KO
Seated sleeperhold KOs
20-count single leg hook pin attempts w/ belly punching
Belly punching
Face punches
Uppercut KO
Mounted punches KO
Reversal frontal headscissor KO
Belly splashes w/ spit take KO
Seated leg drops
Wall splashes
Knees to belly
Running wall splash KO
Exhausted reverse splash KO
Reverse split splashes
Reverse figure-four headscissor KO
20-count leg-locking matchbook pin w/ belly punching
Matchbook body pile
Face punches
Double KO
Body pile
Derri “air” body pile
Limb checks
Instant replay


Length: 40 min
Price: 37.99